Honor Your Husband - Week 4

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Lately I've been working on something ... getting up for some quiet time in the morning before the rest of the house is awake. I set my watch alarm and the coffee maker for 6:00 a.m. and when they go off, I creep out of bed - trying my best not to disturb the baby in the moses basket next to our bed, or the girls in the room next door. I make a cup of coffee, adding whatever new flavor of cream that I'm trying out, and come out to my desk in our family room. I lay my Bible open across the desk and try and figure out where I left off yesterday. How handy my little read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year bookmarks are. : )

This is hard for me. I've struggled for years with setting aside time to read my Bible and study ... there are more "exciting" things to read, or I want to have the "perfect time" - no disturbances, hot coffee, maybe a cute coffee shop where I can journal and be uninterrupted by children for a couple hours.

That's not my reality. : ) And that's okay. However, putting off time invested in my relationship with the Lord is only going to be more and more detrimental in the long run. Whether I get a whole hour alone in the morning, or I end up reading my Bible while feeding my 10 week old, I just need to do it.

Now, why am I writing about this when this is supposed to be my Honor Your Husband post for the week? This is something that I've been thinking on for a couple of weeks now ... how can I be the best wife for my husband, one who puts God first and serves her family out of that relationship if it's only a casual Sunday-morning relationship at best? I am honoring my husband by making time with God a new focus and priority. It is changing my attitude and my heart about serving my husband - when I submit my sinful self to the Lord, I'm seeing a difference in how I choose to submit to my husband (and with what kind of attitude). : )

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  1. How true!

    May God's blessing me on you this week as you work on your goal!

  2. Great post, Stephanie. I need to make myself wake up early in the morning because, if not, I just find excuses throughout the day why I don't have the time to sit and read. Thanks for sharing and being honest!

  3. I'm not sure when or how I found you. I've been trying to get up earlier and have been debating if I should use the time for exercise or quiet time. After reading this I'm leaning towards quiet time. My kids are 4, 2.5, & 10 months. So, I can relate!! O! My name is Stephanie, too. = )

  4. That is so hard for me to do right now too. I think we all wish for the "ideal" quiet times and when they are hard to come by, quiet times don't happen. We need to accept the season of life that we're in and bless our families by seeking God first!



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