Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 11 - 16

December 11
Bedtime. :)

December 12
Dress rehearsal for the Christmas program - Noelle sang so well this year (she and Natalie's class sang "Go Tell It On the Mountain") and both did GREAT!
December 13

STAR WARS IN CONCERT!!! Travis and I enjoyed a GREAT date night on Sunday - Dad bought us tickets to the Star Wars Concert and it was excellent! The Royal Philharmonic + C3PO as host + clips from the movies ~ all put together by the brilliant John Williams. A superb concert! Thanks, Dad!

December 14

In the beginning - humble wood blocks, a couple bottles of acrylic paint, and two very happy N's that painted the afternoon away while Betsy napped. Obviously there is still a little work to do to turn them into Christmas gifts. :)

December 15

No picture today. I suppose I could have just captured a regular "moment" but truth be told, all us girls laid around today. Noelle didn't feel good and was throwing up (turns out she has strep throat) and so we watched TV all. day. long. Lion King, Cosby Show episodes and Star Wars were on tap while we vegged and snuggled. Then Natalie and Betsy & I went to Jordan's choir concert and enjoyed that. But, man, the littles were tired by bedtime!

December 16

There is a house a couple streets over that rents FM air space and puts on a great light show in their front yard with them timed to Christmas songs. A fun little outing for all of us this evening.

You can click any to see them bigger in Flickr. I skipped December 10 because I'm waiting on a picture from one of the other Girl Scout Moms of all our troop together in their new vests. :)


  1. Kathleen Jaeger12:38 PM

    I was thinking of you & wondering if you knew about the Stars Wars concert -- SO GLAD you got to go. Levi will be so jealous to know!!

    Glad to see the rest of the posts...I've kept peeking at your sight to see the updates.

    Love, Kath

  2. We drove around this week looking at Christmas lights. There's a house on the other side of town that rents air space and has the lights timed to music. It wasn't as impressive as yours looks like but it was a lot of fun.

    I was inspired by your glitter pens and we crafted this week!! With glitter pens!! All 3 children (the 4th would just eat it) and I made wreaths. It was fun but nerve wracking. I could never deal with loose glitter!!! :)


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