Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Felicities ::: December 18

Things that are making me happy...
  • bagels with onion & chive cream cheese
  • The Sing-Off on NBC ... thoroughly enjoying this acappella competition!
  • realizing that (minus one gift card I need to pick up and anything extra I want to do) I am DONE with Christmas prep!
  • evenings with my guy
  • days with my girls
  • thankful that N1 had strep this week and not next
  • antibiotics and insurance
  • new babies
  • Christmas movies
  • the funny (FUNNY) things my girls have said recently
  • N1's very loose tooth
  • moments of thankfulness in spite of struggles
Happy Friday. :)

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  1. Oh. Yes. Definitely good to get sicknesses out of the way this week instead of next! Enjoy your week and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and to your family!


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