Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's!

Birthday Reading

If you need me, this is where you will find me. :)

A few birthday goodies to savor...
Another Celebrated Dancing Bear (really for N1 for school next week as we go to Russia)
The Divine Hours: Prayers for Autumn & Wintertime
The Story of the World
(Volume 1 ... what I will most likely be using next Fall)
Miss Read, Storm in the Village
All of a Kind Family
Betsy Was a Junior & Betsy and Joe

Heavens to Betsy & Betsy in Spite of Herself
Abigail and John : Portrait of a Marriage
Geography from A to Z
The Pioneer Woman Cooks


  1. I'm trying not to be insanely jealous over some of those. ;D

  2. Sounds/looks cozy! I"m currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for my book group.

  3. Enjoy that great stack of book!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday... love to you my dear!!!

  4. Books!!!!! *drool* Enjoy :)

  5. BETSY! TACY! TIB! JOE! I love them all. I don't know where my copies are of those lovely books,

  6. Wow! That's quite a haul!

    Happy birthday!


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