Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Blog Break

It's about time for my annual blog break. I need some time away from the computer and the next few weeks are BUSY with VBS, a mini-dance camp for two of the girls, and some time with extended family. I'm a little burnt out on the blog so a few weeks off will be good and then I can reassess if, how, when, why I am blogging (which I think is good to do from time to time). I'll still be checking email so you can always find me there if you have any exciting news. : )

You will see a few posts that I had previously scheduled before I decided to take my June break and I decided to just leave them. Otherwise, I'll be back sometime in early July ... I think. : )

Enjoy your summer!

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  1. See you on the other side! Enjoy your break!

    (LOVE this picture.)


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