Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bloggy Review ::: Download N Go Whale Tales

This is post #2 where I will be reviewing one of Amanda Bennett's Download N Go unit studies! 

Back in January, I blogged about Amanda Bennett's unit studies and how much N1 and I were enjoying them with our school. I've recently received two of her Download N Go unit studies to review and there will be a fun giveaway, too. : ) These studies are geared for a K - 4th grade age range and while we haven't attempted to do everything in the study, there have been plenty of questions and prompts to discuss and learn about. My favorite part of these unit studies is the extensive book list that is provided! At the beginning of each unit, there is a list of close to 40 books you can look for at your local library (or purchase) that talk about the subject of the unit. For us, that has been a great help especially as we spend so much of our day doing read-aloud right now. 

And now, Whale Tales!! From the press release:

Each day for 5 days, your students will meet and learn about a different whale and enjoy creative lapbooking fun. There are science discoveries, such as learning about whale and human anatomy, and history investigations, learning about Creation and the Bible story of Jonah. Geography lessons will introduce the oceans making the study of whales quite interesting! Plus there are writing prompts, crafts, games, a wonderful choice of books to complement this study, and many coloring/activity pages.
And now, for the giveaway ... leave a comment on this post for a chance to win your choice of a Download N Go unit study! This is the 2nd post that I will be taking comments on. (If you haven't left a comment on this post, you are welcome to go back and leave a comment (so you have two chances to win.) Two requests:

1. Take a minute to hop over to the Download N Go page at The Old Schoolhouse Store and tell me which unit study is the one you would like to win. (You are free to change your mind and pick another one if you do win!)

2. Also, please make sure that you leave an email address when you leave a comment. No email address = no way to contact you = no win.

Good luck! We have really enjoyed some of these studies this year and I'm excited to be sharing one of these studies with one of you! The contest will close on June 8 and I'll draw a winner from the combined comments on the Download N Go posts.

Disclaimer: I received this study courtesy of the LitFuse Publicity Group and have received no monetary compensation. The contest is entirely of my own doing and not affiliated with any other group or organization.


  1. I just went and looked at their site but I knew already that we'd have to go with Whale Tales. =) That one looks right up our alley!

    Thanks for the reminder of this company.

    readingtoknow (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. When I went over to Download N Go, I really loved the Whale Tales. I think this is a really cool way to educate your family. I am at shelley(dot)haskell(at)yahoo.com
    and http://mylifeadventurebyme.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for the note today and take care.
    Shelley :)


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