Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I haven't written a lot about baby #4 on the blog, so I decided I needed to take a few moments to capture a few things before I forget. I'm trying to savor every moment of this pregnancy ... who knows if it will be my last one or not. Just in case it is, I definitely don't want it to rush by without taking note of what it's been like.
  • Just in case you forgot, this one is a BOY, and the first one for us.
  • I'm am 22 weeks along - I cannot believe how fast this is going by.
  • I can tell that I am carrying him lower than his sisters. While I still find myself out of breath, it is nothing compared to the gasping and wheezing I would do with the girls - they seemed most comfortable right on top of my lungs.
  • With the girls, I ate ice constantly due to anemia. I haven't had the urge once with this little guy ... and I'm hoping that continues. 
  • I also haven't had any huge cravings (yet). Normal snacks that I usually enjoy have had no appeal to me, too. Chex mix - blah. Chocolate - eh. 
  • The above point (re: snacks) is probably why I have only gained 8 pounds so far. (Insert huge cheer here). I am super pleased with this - this is very atypical for a pregnancy of mine because of my big babies.
  • The worst part of this pregnancy (yet this is SOOOO trivial) ... my hair. With each of the girls, my thick hair would get thicker and curlier with each pregnancy. One of few physical features I have never complained about has been my hair. : ) This time - oy! It is constantly coming out and is STRAIGHT. I have no idea what to do with it. My hair is driving me nuts!
  • I'm starting to pick up a few things here and there for the baby's corner as we loving call the area in our bedroom where he will settle. : ) I ended up going with a red gingham cover for his little bed. Our bedding in our bedroom is red and I thought it would fun (and look better) to try and and match his bedding to ours instead of going gung-ho with something with frogs or baseballs or bright blue all over it. 
  • We're pretty close on a name. We've narrowed it to two and he will have his Daddy's name as his middle name ... now we are just waiting on my husband to decide! : )


  1. Isn't is fun picking up items in blue and brown instead of pink and purple?

  2. I'm glad it has been an easier pregnancy so far. It's neat to be preparing for a boy. You guys are much farther along in picking a name than we are. We always seem to be in the hospital still flipping through name books.

  3. Sweet! I love it! A (maybe) last pregnancy is a bittersweet thing, isn't it?

    I carried the DLM much lower, too-->good for heartburn, not for the bladder. ;-)

  4. I'm so excited for you, Stephanie!

  5. we did one thing alike -- had the girls first and then the boys. Only I got one and three and you will have three and one. Matt's color is red, too. All of mine have a color.

    Have fun!!

  6. I can't hardly stand it!!!

  7. Glad all is well with this pregnancy! I thought a boy pregnancy was easier, though I know there is no scientific merit! He's a lucky boy!

  8. Love the baby boy stuff! Our last was a boy - and it was sooo different than with our girls. I had hair issues too- shed like a cat and the texture changed :( I think it's the testosterone in the body, but I'm no doctor!

    Started following your blog through WAH back when you just had N1 - can't believe how big they are all getting. So adorable!


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