Friday, July 02, 2010

Glimpses of June

Also known as "see how many pictures I can put in one post." Photo overload ahead!

We went and saw cousin J play softball. My almost 13-year-old niece has a LOT of potential to be a really great athlete. We enjoyed going out to support her in her first team sport and she rocked it as a catcher, outfielder, and a first baseman/basewoman? : ) 

The cousins.

Swimming with friends.

Finding things to do inside because it has been sooooo hot.

Watercolor craft idea from Whatever. See here and here if you want to try it.

Fresh fruit. (I have learned to cut a whole pineapple and I am now invincible.) : )

The results of a busy kindergarten year.

A tea party with special friends.

My new favorite picture of the girls taken before the tea party. They all had to wear a hat to the party and this is what we came up with ... just to explain the odd assortment of headwear. Pluto did not attend the party.

A concert at church. (I really was smiling in the picture - or so I thought. It was 137* outside and I had just come in the building and was burning up. Oh well. Everyone else looks pretty good).

Future rocker. A.k.a. Daddy's girl.

Major catch-up on my Project 365/Project Life album. Woo-hoo!

Playing outside with the sprinkler and hose.

Ballet dance camp for the little girls. Oh. my. word. they were in ballet heaven for a week. Preciousness.


  1. So cute!! Looks like you had a fun and busy month.

  2. Adorable! Girls in pink ballet outfits!

  3. I love it! Now we can see why you haven't been blogging. =D Obviously you've been very busy.

    I laughed out loud at you cutting the pineapple. I think you are now invincible. Why? Because *I* have not mastered that trick yet and it looks intimidating!!! ;D

    Today is it 65 degrees, overcast vs. rainy. (It hasn't decided yet.) We totally skipped spring and THOUGHT we had arrived at summer last week. But now I don't know.....

  4. you have the cutest babes! betsy has the sweetest little expressions and noelle and nat are growing soooo big! it looks like yall are having a wonderful summer :)


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