Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Fun at Chuy's

Summer Fun at Chuy's

Journaling reads:

The girls have been a little obsessed with Chuy’s ever since it opened. I don’t know if it was the bright yellow
paint on the building or the very fun looking outdoor patio, but we never drove past it without someone asking
when we could go eat there. Today was the day.

The restaurant more than lived up to their expectations. We ate out on the patio (I only melted a little bit) and the fod was great. The litle girls raved about their hamburgers and I had a delicious taco salad. And their jalapeno ranch dressing ... amazing. Two thumbs up from us!

Template from Rebecca Cooper (thank you for sharing!) Paper from Crystal's Sweet Summertime Add-On Papers. Font: Pharmacy. Click to enlarge.


  1. We haven't gone yet, but I guess we need to (we've been waiting for the CRAZY crowds to die down a little). I can't believe you sat out on the patio. It is HOT!

  2. I'm glad your kids aren't the only ones who order American food at a Mexican restaurant. I have one child who consistently orders chicken strips with a side of ranch every time we eat mexican. HUH???

    Anyway, I love your layout and that place looks fun! The food looks amazing as well.

  3. Chuys is awesome. I wish we had one here.


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