Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nightstand Post ::: July 2010

As you can see, I have no lack of things that I want to be reading right now. I'm sure there are other books scattered around the house that I didn't track down for this pile. I am really backed up on non-fiction books that I want to dive into. My attention span for non-fiction has been very short lately, but that doesn't mean the list of books that I want to read has shortened by any means. 

Just to highlight a few that are in the stack: Nanny McPhee is our current read-aloud. We just finished The Silver Chair and I wanted to do something lighter before school started. I'm also hoping to start The Core, a book written by the creator of Classical Conversations, a homeschool tutorial that I have heard great things about.

We'll see how much of this I get tackled. I haven't been doing a great job carving out time to read lately, between getting ready to start school next week and getting stuff organized around the house. All good things, but hard to do with a book in your hand!

PS. You might notice a new look and a new name around the blog. I've been pondering bloggy stuff some this summer and decided I was ready for a some changes and a new theme to my spot here that reflects more where I am in life right now. (I debated - very briefly - just starting a new blog, but that was too much work to tackle right now!)

Previous Nightstands posts, if you still need more ideas of what to read:


  1. Yes, I was totally confused. I recognized your picture, and had to think for a minute! I like the new name, and I think it fits!

    I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on Nanny McPhee, and maybe a books on screen post if you've seen or see the movie? I'd like to read the book myself, because in August, I get to meet Emma Thompson in conjunction with Nanny McPhee 2 that is coming out!!

  2. I like the new name and header! Bringing Up Girls is great, but it made me want to lock my daughter up until she's 30! :)

  3. Great looking nightstand! I'd love to hear what you learn from these books...that way I can keep my own nightstand piled high with fiction!! ;)

    Love that you're inspired by Owl Creek Cottage too! That's my big sister, and she's a huge inspiration to me as well!


  4. I, too, experience "pile-ups" of one genre based on my moods.

    Good luck with starting school next week!

  5. Yes. You threw me for a loop with the blog name change. BUT! I LOVE it! I really, really like the new look!

    And I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Nanny McPhee. I've almost bought the book so many times (after watching the movie) but obviously haven't done it yet. So I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think about that one in particular!

  6. P.S. Love the font header that names your post. That is SO you. Really awesome.

  7. Love the new look, Stephanie!

    I'm also curious about one book in your stack: Make-a-Mix. Care to review it or provide a little insight? I'm all about kitchen shortcuts, if that's the content. :-)

  8. The Gift of An Ordinary Day sounds interesting. Just the title has already sucked me in.

  9. Some of those titles look interesting! The Gift of An Ordinary Day and Lessons at Blackberry Inn.

    Soooooooo...I love your blog redesign. I spent hours with friend yesterday working on something for my blog (shhhhhh...sort of a surprise). Great job.


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