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I love looking at the "nightstand" posts that bloggers put up once a month. Mine is not terribly impressive this month. Janaury (I'm now noticing) is usually a reading rut for me. It should be a great month for reading! I'm inside a lot because of the weather, I've usually got a stack of new books to read from Christmas and birthday ... however, invariably I find myself turning to books that I have read before. Maybe it's because of the letdown after the holidays and I need something familiar after the frenzy? Who knows. :)

Anyway. Here are a few of the books that I'm PUTTING on my nightstand to read in the next few weeks. We'll just have to see what happens.

  • Rebecca's Reward by Lauraine Snelling. I've been reading these historical fiction books set in North Dakota since the beginning of her Red River series. I'm finding I'm not as hooked with this book, though, as with some of the others.
  • Inkspell by Cornelia Funke. I loved the first book and am plunging into the second one. Has anyone seen the movie for Inkheart that is in the theatre now? I have heard one good review so far. Hoping for a date night with my husband to see that before it makes its way to our Netflix queue. :)
  • The Journey that Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of Margret & H.A. Rey by Louise Borden. I admit to a love of all things H.A. Rey as evidenced by a children's classics post. This book is at my local library and I'm going to check it out this week and add it to my nightstand.
  • Sabbath Keeping by Lynne Baab. A book that I received for Christmas and I am eager to start.

And, two others that I have read before, but feel that I need to pull out for the good reminders that are in there...

If you are interested in posting your nightstand stack, head over to Five Minutes for Books. :)


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    The H.A. Rey book sounds fascinating. I'd also like to look into the Nancy L. DeMoss book. Ah, more for my TBR list! : ) THanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Did N.L. DeMoss write 'Lies Women Believe'? I really liked that one.

    That's interesting about your January pattern of turning to the old and familiar. I've filled the month with "should" reading... I like your pattern better! :-)


  3. I'm a Rey fan too. Well, lots of children's books for that matter. Good list.

  4. That book about the Reys sounds interesting, I love curious George. it looks like you have a nice variety of books lined up. Happy reading, and rereading.

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I saw something about Inkheart and Inkspell the other day, but I hadn't heard of them before (I am obviously behind the times if there is already a movie). Now I am curious!

  6. I want to read the Inkheart series, have had some young people recommend it to me.

  7. The book about the Reys looks interesting - I'll have to look that up at my library! :0)

  8. I haven't read inkheart yet. One of these days. I put the H.E. Rey book on my wishlist - it looks really interesting. Thanks

  9. I want to see Inkheart, but I want to read the book first. How oh how will I find time to fit another one in??

  10. Looks like a great list!

    There are definitely different moods that inspire different books, and that's fine.

    I think I have a guest review on Inkheart posting for Books on Screen on Thursday.

  11. O looks like a great list. I love seeing what is on everyone's nightstand as well :-)

  12. Inkspell is one I have been thinking of getting. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. :)

  13. Sounds like a great bunch of books!! I get such good suggestions from you. :)

  14. I love Lauraine Snellin! Haven't heard of the other books, oh aside from Inkspell, which I haven't read. What a neat list of non-fiction titles! Blessings on your reading.

    Mimi B @ Woven by Words

  15. The Rey book sounds very interesting. I may add that to my wartime books challenge list.
    Thanks for sharing your list.


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