Zoo Day

Freaky Frogs :)

The weather crept up to the 50's today so the girls and I headed for the zoo. :) We were in serious need of some sunshine as well as time on our feet getting much needed exercise!

Lizards are cool

I thought most moms would appreciate these pictures. The girls sat by each other for about 2.7 seconds so that I could take a picture. This is the "aw, how cute!" picture:

January 22, 2009

This is an example of the other 294 pictures that I have of the same scene ... the big girls trying to hold down E. :)

A real group picture

Real life. :)


  1. Precious, precious girlies!

  2. I have a million pictures like that. When I ask someone to take a picture of my family they always seem a little annoyed because I keep asking them to take another shot. I just know that you have to take a bunch to get one good one. = )

  3. We'd love to meet you there sometime! It's only 10 minutes or so from our house.

    Love the reality shots AND the picture perfect one!


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