Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 Weeks

  • Two weeks already gone by.
  • Feedings are going GREAT. We have a 2 week weight check tomorrow and I'm fairly sure we'll get a good report.
  • He is eating about every three hours and while we're still up 2-3 times a night - depending when I actually move him to his bassinet and quit snuggling him - he's letting me get some good sleep between the feedings. I don't think I'm getting more than about 5 -6 hours a night, but the fact that I'm getting good sleep, ie. not really, really uncomfortable end of pregnancy sleep, is making ALL the difference and making Mama a happy camper. : )
  • We started some school back this week and managed to get a full day in on Tuesday (scattered sporadically throughout the day) and another full day today ... today we were better at our time management - and the baby ate at more convenient times - and we are mostly finished by lunch with the exception of our reading aloud. I realize all days won't go as smoothly so I'm very thankful for this!
  • I had an appointment yesterday for my gallbladder and my surgery is now scheduled. Thankful for a good appointment with the surgeon and his nurse who were hilarious during my appointment and completely set me at ease over this procedure with such a little guy at home. Also thankful for my friend Amy who talked me through some things before my appointment and gave me a list of questions to ask. She was fortunate to get to have her gallbladder taken out twice because her dr. didn't get it all the first time! Not cool!
  • That's about all I have today ... though it seemed like I had more when I sat down to post the pictures. Happy Thursday!
2 Weeks


  1. How can I NOT sound weird and say I want to kiss those little toes?

    I am slightly freakish about babies.


    I can't wait for grandchildren.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Love those baby feet!
    Glad, too, for you for the good report on the gall bladder to put you at ease & to have you laughing!
    Love you...

  3. Good sleep? Congratulations and can you pass some my way? I think 3 of my 4 have a conspiracy to keep me from a full nights sleep. Not cool.

  4. Oh, he has such a cute "little man" face in that photo!

    Sorry to hear about the gall bladder but glad you are able to get it taken care of quickly.


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