Monday, October 04, 2010

This Weekend

We celebrated our oldest as she turned 7 years old:

How is it that she is 7? I may or may not have spent a highly hormonally challenged time on Saturday wrapping 7 year old birthday presents while at the same time getting things packed for the upcoming hospital trip for baby boy. Yes, I was a mess. : )

A picture of #2 just because she was looking exceptionally cute on Sunday. She wants to grow her bangs out and I love her hair pulled away from her face.

And, #3, just because I can't leave her out. : )

Also discovered on Sunday, thanks to my photographer Dad, that my super duper camera that I've loved and used since before Natalie was born is very ill. We thought it was just a lens problem that we could fix with a professional cleaning. Turns out the body of the camera is ill as well. Not the best timing, but again, thankful for that photographer Dad who can fix us up with a camera for the week just in case something photoworthy happens.

Lastly, to add to the insanity that is our life, we spent several hours Sunday afternoon looking at houses. Craziness. We have more than outgrown our sweet, wonderful home that we adore. Making baby steps by looking at properties and, after baby arrives, and I have a little time to heal up, we'll probably start getting this one ready to put on the market. A happy / sad  time for sure. One of the places we looked at yesterday afternoon was on a 2 acre lot with several outbuildings (workshop for husband, possible chicken pens for me) and lots of space for girls to run and play. The little ones were in heaven running around the big backyard in fabulous 60* weather while I sat and rocked on a massive porch. I could get used to that!

That's about all for this Monday! Off to organize, pack a few bags, and make some lists. One or two or twenty things I need to take care of this week!

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  1. Wow Steph! So much going on for you!!! Your girls are so beautiful. Where does the time go? Love you & love yours & am looking forward to meeting this new little one sooooon! Hang in there.


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