Friday, October 15, 2010

One Week

How has it been one week already?
(You can barely see his little blue eyes in this picture ... blue is definitely his color!)

Lots of eating and sleeping and sleeping and eating going on around here ... some of us more than others. : )

(A little perspective in this shot so you can see how tiny he is in the chair).

We have gotten out for a couple of weight checks this week. Because my babies are so big, they always drop quite a bit of weight at birth. We went in Monday and he was down about a pound and a half, but by Wednesday his weight was back up by about 3 oz. due to finally getting some milk and we're now on an upward track!

The sisters love him so much! Sometimes it's a little hard to understand why we can't hold him RIGHT. NOW. when he is busy eating, but they all love snuggling him. He is going to be one very spoiled and loved little man!

PS. I had several ask if he was our biggest baby ... no, but he made 2nd place! Natalie was 11' 4.5'' when she was born and beat him out by just a few ounces. : ) (The other two were 9' 11'' (Noelle) and 10' 10'' (Betsy) at birth). We just like big babies in our house!


  1. Precious!!! Enjoy these fleeting newborn days!

  2. Oh my goodness, he is such a little doll. My first was 9 lbs 11 oz (and was a c-section also, yes!) and I liked the fact that he didn't feel breakable. But I won't really complain if this up-and-coming one is a wee bit smaller!!

    Still, they sure make cute, cute little babies. He is just so adorable. Which you know!

  3. How in the world can he already be ONE week old! Wow. It was fun to hold him the other day. Thanks for sharing, especially to his big sisters who allowed me to hold him so long.

  4. Just looking at him makes me want to snuggle up with a precious baby! So sweet! I know you are all enjoying having some blue in your wardrobe selections, and I am sure he is glad to have three little mamas!


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