Labor Day Daybook

Some of this was done on Monday, some of this on Tuesday, and now Wednesday. Hopefully it still flows. : )

Outside my window...grey weather. We’re supposed to get more rain today and I will happily take a cozy, grey day inside with everyone home. (This was Monday).

I am thinking...that I am pooped. : ) We had our first full day of Classical Conversations today (Tuesday) and, I admit, we came home (after a first day celebratory Sonic stop) and crashed.

I am thankful...for full cupboards and a husband who went grocery shopping with me and the munchkins on Saturday. It always goes so much smoother in the store when he’s with us. Our schedules haven’t lined up in many a Saturday to do this errand together so I was glad it worked this weekend!

In the kitchen...lots of yumminess and fresh veggies in the fridge after last week’s eating out and snacking while traveling. I was so ready for salad! A few things that have been on the menu of late or will be this week:

  • on Saturday night I made this simple carbonara pasta and it was a hit with almost everyone (hello, it has BACON) in it. I made it with ziti noodles instead of slippery spaghetti so it was easier for little ones to fork.
  • tonight I’m making this oven-fried chicken. I made it two weeks ago and the plate was licked clean … and I had made extra to have for lunches!
  • contemplating adding homemade pizza back in the menu again. I’ve been lazy and T has been picking up pizza most Friday nights, but I would love to figure out a crust we all LOVE and make it at home and save money. Still searching for the perfect crust.

I am wearing...comfy clothes after a long skirt from CC this morning.

I am Does just printing the pictures for Project Life count? I have about four weeks in my current album that I need to journal and, I think, a couple in the last album to catch up. I have written that on my to-do list for this week so we shall see if I actually get to it.

I am be drinking coffee and water this week. Edited to add: with the exception of the Diet Coke that I got at Sonic today. Other than that, it’s been just coffee and water. : )

I am reading...slowly through the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook (The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier)that I finally got from the library. Delicious. I can’t wait to copy a few recipes down to try and anticipate putting this book on my Christmas list. I finished 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker last week while we were out of town and it was world-rocking. I’m not ready to put my thoughts into print yet, but I know I need to start journaling some of it while it’s fresh. I need to pick up a new book to read not sure what to grab next. I’ve assigned the girls each a new chapter book: N1 is reading Freddy The Detective; N2 is reading Betsy-Tacy. (We’ve enjoyed that as a read-aloud, but she’s reading it on her own this go-round.)

I am looking forward to...seeing our small group tonight. We missed last week with travel.

I am learning…lessons in my weakness and His strength.

Around the house...things aren’t in terrible shape – especially since we have our small group coming over in a bit. : ) That inspires a bit of picking up. It helped that we did the bulk of it last night. And then we were out of the house for most of today. : )

I am pondering...whether we have seen the demise of our coffee pot. It seems to have sprung a leak which is most unfortunate.

A favorite quote for I’m pondering:

Learn to do good;
seek justice,
reprove the ruthless;
defend the orphan,
plead for the widow.
Isaiah 1:17

One of my favorite things...catching up with a friend. Summer has been too busy and I’m in need to catch-up time with a few folks.

A few plans for the rest of the week…Wednesday and Thursday will be normal low-key school days although we do have Awana starting tomorrow night. On Friday, our Bible study starts back up as well. And we have a birthday party to try to attend and B’s first soccer game. I guess it’s safe to say that fall activities are officially here. On the home front, I have church directories that need to be printed. It’s not one of my favorite tasks, but it’s very fun to see them all stacked up when they are completed and bound.

A peek into my day...

My CC director slipped me  chocolate and this was the message inside.

My CC directory slipped me a piece of chocolate while I was tutoring today and this was the message inside. Very appropriate, I felt. : )

Happy Monday! Tuesday! Wednesday!


  1. Or, happy Thursday. :D

  2. P.S. As we have considered Classical Conversations in the past (and will consider it for the future) I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on this as the year progresses!


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