Currently // End o’ September 2012

drinking more water than I have in a long time.

watching the Avengers. Yes. Just as good as it was in the theater, but better because I watched it in my pajamas. : )


laughing hearing the sound of laughing as four little kids wrestle with their dad.

eating and trying several new recipes lately. I need to do a recipe post one of these days. 

needing to make a final errand list of what needs to be done for a small get-together we’re having to celebrated N1’s 9th birthday with some friends. It’s tomorrow night. I should get on that.


thinking about my little kindergartener and how I can do a better job by her this year. Our year has not started as smoothly as I was expecting and I want to encourage her this year.

wondering when I am going to get to hold my brand new baby niece! A sweet, sweet little girl arrived on T’s side of the family this week and I have not been sent nearly enough pictures of the little munchkin.

enjoying pumpkins, pumpkin pie seasoning, pumpkin pie dip, canned pumpkin, pumpkin creamer, homemade pumpkin butter (oh my!), etc. I’m stocking my pantry full of pumpkin right now anticipating a yummy fall.


prepping for Classical Conversations and homeschool … never ending. 95% of the time I love that. 5% of the time I am over it. : )

opening boxes that are arriving in the mail for birthdays that are coming up in the next week. The big brown truck is a favorite around here, as is Amazon Prime. Worth every penny.

remembering that this time last year we had a little guy very, very sick with croup. One my scariest parenting moments. to date.


brainstorming about the next few months, things I’d like to do with the kids, etc. I’ve been inspired by Monica at Homespun Heart and her slow days posts. I need to make a point to include those more often.

wearing damp clothes. I just gave the boy a bath and he has discovered splashing. Or, more correctly, dumping water out of a cup on to Mama.

making some headway on finding the top of my desk today. A very good thing.


feeling tired, with a mind full of thoughts. But overall good. Life is good. God is good.

loving October. One of my favorite months is coming. We celebrate the oldest and the youngest this month, along with a cousin thrown in for good measure. And did I mention pumpkins?

listening now to little girls chattering their room before I go turn their lights off.


inspired by this series at Reluctant Entertainer on 30 days of Autumn Inspiration. She has such a way with words about hospitality. It doesn’t have to be hard to open your home to others. Good reminders.

reading hopefully more on this later this week if I can snag time to do a September reading wrap-up post. I did finish Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It was just alright for me. The girls and I are over half-way through Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson and it is de.light.ful.


thankful for this little face and in strict denial that he will be turning two in a little over a week. The birthday has officially been cancelled. I can’t handle it.


Linking up with Ali Edwards and documenting today.


  1. Hey pumpkin loving friend, have you been to Aldi lately? Was there today and there was everything pumpkin there. I mean everything. Pumpkin milk. Pumpkin creamer. Pumpkin spice bark. Pumpkin soup. Pumpkin salsa. Pumpkin muffins. Iced pumpkin coffee...on second thought perhaps you should avoid Aldi!?!


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