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And with that she is nine!

We took a day off school and celebrated the oldest in a few simple ways.

A few presents first thing in the morning. It takes a special combination of parents to produce a child that is this excited about her own label maker. I’m planning on keeping her well stocked in label maker tape so that I can borrow it. : )


Her birthday request was cinnamon rolls. Since we have our Classical Conversations tutorial on Tuesdays + small group at our house Tuesday night, making a special cinnamon roll breakfast was just not going to happen. We compromise with the rare treat of breakfast out at Panera. The girls each had an enormous cinnamon roll – large enough that they each shared a good sized chunk with the boy with more than enough left over for them to eat. (I forced myself to eat a pumpkin pie bagel with cream cheese. Such a sacrifice). : ) I don’t take the kids out to eat often so this was a special treat, albeit quick because the boy was ready to get out and go when he was done eating.


After a quick run to Target to return something (and pick up some more label tape), we went home for some birthday crafting. I kept little people that like to get into craft supplies outside and she had some quiet time to work on a project and listen to an audio book on CD.


After she had a special lunch out with her Dad, she came home to find her aunt and cousins had come over and brought a birthday cake!


Love her smile in this one. : )


After that it was time for our regular Wednesday evening Awana activities and we’re back to our regular school work today. It’s hard to believe that she’s been in our life for nine years now. Such an amazing and cool girl with such a blossoming personality. We had such a great day loving on her and celebrating her yesterday.



  1. Julie in KC9:17 AM

    Thanks for sharing this fun birthday with us Steph! Noelle seems like a beautiful, sweet girl - I think she and Caedran would be fast friends if they had the chance. : )

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! :-)

  3. She. sounds. awesome!

    And her day sounds pretty amazing as well.

    Happy Birthday again!


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