Weekly Homeschool Wrap-Up // October 8-12

The week where we were in and out of the house quite a bit! I think I’m going to break down this review by day instead of by subject since that seems to organize the week a bit more in my head. : )


On Monday I had a late morning doctor appointment so the girls and I did a little school work at home before leaving the house around 10:30 a.m. (handwriting, explode the code) and then headed out. The dr’s office was conveniently located about two blocks from my husband’s office – T came over and met us and he sat in the car with the kids and, using our CC memory work cd’s, helped them review all their memory work from our first six weeks. After the appointment, we returned home and did a little school in the afternoon:

  • we listened to Story of the World, chapter 8
  • N1 and N2 each got in a math lesson
  • B worked on her Awana verses quite a bit today, I believe
  • N1 and N2 also each got in two lessons a piece in Writing With Ease. Noticing that it’s getting harder to add in a double lesson on N1’s work now that she is in book 3 and the lessons are getting longer and more complicated.


Monday night = prepping for Classical Conversations on Tuesday.

  • Classical Conversations
  • Came home and watched a couple What’s in the Bible DVDs and worked on some accompanying Bible worksheets. Watch for a review on these DVDs soon – and I have a DVD to give away! : )


Wednesday was another day of appointments. The boy had his two-year well check up in the morning, and N1 had an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon so we just made a day of car schooling! I was actually pleasantly surprised at home much I felt like we got done while in the car. While at the boy’s morning appointment, the N’s worked on their handwriting and explode the code (the most portable work). B brought her handwriting with her, but I don’t think she pulled it out. I did see N2 helping her with her Awana verses at one point while we were waiting. It’s so handy having older sisters that can read! : )

While in the car, we did more CC review, especially going over the first one-fourth of our timeline song / memory work. For our afternoon drive to the orthodontist (which is about 20-25 minutes away), we listened to several chapters of Story of the World. I know we listened to 8 and 9 and I think several more after that, but I can’t remember where we stopped.

We finished our Wednesday with Awana, so I feel like in spite of the running around, we got some good work in there. It may have almost been easier since we weren’t trying to keep coming home and rushing to the school room.


Bible study. It's one f those weeks where we are doing the whole thing the day before.

Our first real “home” day this week (finally!)

  • Everyone got in a math lesson, the first for all this week.
  • The regular language arts for the big girls was tackled (handwriting, explode the code as well as Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons). In N1’s 1LL, we were briefly introduced to homophones. It seemed necessary to pause school for a quick viewing of a particularly applicable Silly Songs with Larry.

And, while we were home all day on Thursday, we headed out for the evening to see cousin J in one of her softball games. It was almost an hour from our house so, hello? More CC review in the car! (So fun to watch her play – the boy was absolutely mesmerized by the game!)



Out of the house again today with Bible study in the morning and then a library trip in the afternoon.

Library Friday.

While we were out of the house a great deal this week, overall I feel pretty good about what we got done. Remember the nifty calendar book that I mentioned last wrap-up post that we all loved? Yep, we never touched it this week. Even on our one full day home (Thursday), we didn’t pull it out since we had an entire week’s worth of Bible study lessons that I needed to sit down with the girls and work through. (One of those things that didn’t work well when we tried to do it on the go). However, we DID get a ton of our CC memory work in during all the time in the car. We do review that in the mornings as part of our circle time, but to have several 30 minute concentrated time while driving was extra helpful. N1 was also able to finish her assigned chapter book, Detectives in Togas, and started one of her birthday books, Horton’s Miraculous Mechanisms. (She finished that one today, pronouncing it great. Now I can put it in my stack so I can get a turn with it). : )

With that, I’m going to wrap up this post and call it done. We’re already on to a new week which has the promise of a day off for a short fall break on Friday and we are all looking forward to it. : )

Family movie night. First Toy Story watching.

A photo from our weekly Friday family movie night. The boy’s first viewing of Toy Story. Pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


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