End of October Daybook

Outside my window...a sunny but quite chilly day. Absolutely love this kind of weather when I can break out the long sleeve shirts and socks on a daily basis.

I am thinking...on schedules and boundaries and how I am spending my time and so much more. The more I look at my little people the more I realize how the days are fleeting. They are growing up way too fast.

I am thankful...that we generally have Mondays at home. It’s usually busy with a full day of school, a start on the week’s load(s) of laundry (I try really hard to not do laundry on the weekend), and prep for Tuesday’s CC. But I’ll take all that home-busyness for the fact that we don’t leave the house on Monday. It’s a good grounding for the beginnings of our week.

In the schoolroom… reading books on the election together. Debating whether to go and early vote with the kids this week or go and vote on the official Election Day! I realize there might be crazy lines, but it’s Election Day!

Happy mail. Guess what we are talking about in school?


In the kitchen...not much until I get to the grocery store tomorrow and / or on Wednesday. It’s the end of the month and the cupboards are bare. However, on my meal plan for the the coming days is taco soup (perfect for chilly fall weather) and meatloaf (I haven’t made meatloaf in forever and it sounds good). I’ve been reading through Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook and have probably folded down at least 20 pages of things that sound good.

I am wearing...comfy clothes and a white t-shirt. Standard Monday stay-at-home attire.

I am creating...I have a Project Life post in the works for later this week and a couple more weeks in process. I’m out of ink on my photo printer so maybe I’ll be able to play catch up printing those photos the end of this week? We shall see.

I am going... to go make another cup of tea here in a minute. The house has been chilly today (and I’m not complaining). I love a chilly house where you can sip hot drinks and bundle under blankets.

I am reading...At Home in Mitford (cozy reading); Dancing with My Father (slooooooowly).

I am looking forward to...a church bonfire this weekend. It’s been several years since I’ve been to one. The last one we had was just a week or two after the boy was born and I stayed home with him. Look at how little my girls were!


I am learning…lessons in my weakness and His strength.

Around the house... trying to create order and routine when every day is just a little bit different with the little guy. This is a season and it’s flying by all to fast so I’m trying not to get (too) frustrated with what I feel like I should be accomplishing and what I actually am.

I am pondering... deactivating my Facebook until after Thanksgiving. As much as I’ve been thinking about it, I should probably just go ahead and do it and not keep pondering. One of my struggles is comparison of myself with others, what I am and am not doing (rightly or wrongly), and other things, and FB does nothing to help me keep my focus on the main thing of caring for my family without outside distraction.

One of my favorite things... reading in the evenings. Trying to be intentional and carving out some time for that instead of just hoping I have a few minutes at the end of the day.

A few plans for the rest of the week… Classical Conversations, a doctor appointment for me, our final soccer game of the fall on Saturday. Oh, and a bonfire!

A peek into my day...

I had N1 take a picture of me putting the boy down for naptime. Mamas, please get in the picture with your munchkins. And not the hold the camera over your head and shoot down shot. A real shot, of the real you. Hand the camera off to someone else. It can be scary (hello, my photographer was nine!) I admit, I don’t do this near enough. I don’t look like I want, my hair is hanging in my face and I’m all scrunched over trying to read the words in his book (drat crazy bifocal lenses). However, he won’t remember that we read from his big Cars book almost every. day. at rest time (along with Bear Snores On). I might not remember either as these days are FLYING by. I have been really stinking a being present with my kids of late and I’m resolving to do better. Starting now.


Happy Monday. : )


  1. This is great, Stephanie. I need to work on being present more, too. Not having wifi at home would help a whole bunch. ;-). (Widh I had more self control!)


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