Monday, September 19, 2011

Slowing Down

Well, I had high hopes of a few things to post this week, but we have been derailed by a very sick baby boy.

Croup, along with something calls "stridor", has worn our little guy out over the last 24 hours. In four children, we have never had croup before so this was quite scary watching him struggle for air. (Croup apparently is the struggle to exhale, hence the cough that sounds like a seal bark. Stridor is the struggle to get air in so he had it coming and going).

We are so thankful for our pediatricians office who let us hang there for a good part of today while they watched him, checked respiratory rates and oxygen levels, and gave breathing treatments. God has taken care of us today and we are hoping for some good rest tonight for him.

Hoping your week is MUCH less exciting. : )


  1. So sorry that he's sick! My Favorite Boy got that frequently as a baby/toddler, and it is so scary! We learned to take him in a small bathroom with the shower running as hot as possible or to take him outside when it was very cold. Both the steam and the cold help.

    I hope you will not have to deal with this again, but the first time is the scariest for sure. I will be praying for him!

  2. We've had several bouts of croup with stridor around here, and it IS scary! I second the recommendation of a hot, steamy bathroom.

    I pray he's better very soon !

  3. Said a prayer for you little one!!

  4. Thank you ladies!! We appreciate them!

  5. Oh my GOODNESS! =X I saw your mention of it but didn't realize how intense it was! Pictures do speak a thousand words.


    Praying for you all! Your little guy and you in particular!

  6. Oh, Steph! I am so sorry that it he has gotten more sick than he was on Saturday. Thankful the Lord has taken care of you...may peace surround you.


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