Thursday, September 08, 2011

Currently ::: September

Current Books: Just finished Grace for the Good Girl and have What Women Fear staring at me. Attempting to get into book 2 of The Kane Chronicles, but it's not grabbing me. I'll give it a bit more time...

Current Playlist: lots of audio books of late. Favorites of the oldest girl that I've eavesdropped on have been the All of a Kind Family books and Akimbo stories by Alexander McCall Smith.

Current Color: summery orange still, but now I'm longing for my warm browns and burnt reds of autumn to go with it.

Current Drink: coffee coffee coffee.

Current Food: Nothing has been appealing to me of late, although I did make a big batch of vegetable beef soup / minestrone today. I'm always ready for soup weather.

Current Favorite Favorite: the miracle of technology. Case in point, my neighbor just texted me a picture of her brand spanking new baby girl. She's a beauty. : )

Current Wishlist: a few more extra hours in the day.

Current Needs: see wishes above. : )

Current Triumph: recent meal planning triumphs. We have upped our evening activities this fall to being out three to four nights a week to various commitments. Granted, we are just in the first few weeks of this new schedule but so far, the late August / early September plan is rocking.

Current Bane of my Existence: kind of goes with the "favorite favorite". I love technology - am very much a techie girl married to a techie guy - but am seriously considering deactivating my Facebook for a season. 

Current Indulgence: too many treats of late ... must get back on my good eating band wagon!

Current Mood: sleepy, with a side of blessed.

Current #1 Blessing: all is grace, so much to be thankful for of late as I have been processing some things. I have been blessed with several in-my-face reminders of how God's grace and my thankfulness go hand and hand.

Current Outfit: comfy clothes. Clothes that I would probably not wear if we were heading out anywhere. : )

Current Excitement: tomorrow is our first day of what is being known as Fun Friday School around here! We are off to our first Bible study (Community Bible Study) with my best friend and her kids in the morning, then we will all eat lunch together and do a school activity in the afternoon. Little people (and big) are very excited about this!

Current Link: I'm pretty sure my young padawan is going to be getting these for his birthday in a month. (A MONTH! ACK!) Really, I cannot stand the cuteness. : ) (Just in case you can't tell what they are, they are little Yoda shoes. The force will be strong in this one.)


  1. Steph,

    Loved your post! I may have to use this layout for my blog sometime. Thanks for sharing. Oh how I wish comfy clothes could be acceptable for all occasions. I can't get enough of my sweat pants! haha

    Have a blessed week!

  2. I like "sleepy with a side of blessed" -- excellent! Hope your Friday is super fun today.

  3. Coffee, coffee, coffee and extra hours in the day. Yes, yes, yes and Amen!


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