A few pictures from the week by way of my phone.

This book was written about me. Wow.

Summer evening reading. @emilychats

(One of) the ways to my husband's heart ... good BBQ sauce.  : )

The way to a husband's heart.

New colored dry erase markers for B make "her school" fun.

I never ever get tired of watching my little lefty write.

Let's learn about linking verbs!

Linking verbs.

Um, yes. I did let one of the girls pick these out when we bought groceries this week. They (the real brand, these are the Aldi version) were my favorite as a kid, and while I have so far managed to resist eating a whole bowl of them, I have snuck a few out of her bowl. I still like them.

What N1 has been reading this week when there has been a lull in school. She told a friend of mine that she is a nerd. : )

Noelle's current reading.

I love living in the south. And neighbors that share produce.

I love living in the south.

My husband, the sale whisperer. This time, to my benefit ... a new-to-us chair for our bedroom for me to doze read in while the girls have rest time in the afternoon. I love it him. : )

Again, in the effort to keep B busy while we do school we are trying a few new things this week so that our little hurricane of activity stays busy both with us and when we need her to find something else to do. Today, I remembered the Starfall website and both she and N2 have had a turn on it today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ... we have a wedding tomorrow and I have a five-year-old that is   beside herself excited at attending her first wedding. (It's technically a no-kid wedding, but she got a special dispensation from the groom as she is a special friend of his). : ) Her excitement is pretty adorable.

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  1. Happy InstaFriday! I love good fresh produce - so wonderful!

  2. That's okra, right? Looks so so good! And that chair does look just fabulous! Great find!

  3. That chair looks amazing. I just want to snuggle up in there with a book. Visiting from Life rearranged.

  4. Thank yoooou! Sweet Baby Ray's really is fantastic BBQ sauce!

  5. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I love this for a MILLION reasons! My hunky LOVES sweet baby ray's. My hunky loves me with chairs too!!!! And I really like yours. I bought Grace for the Good Girl to read on vacation-because here's my dirty little secret, that book is about me too.

    This was just an all around feel good post. Thanks!

  6. Oh, that chair looks delightfully comfortable. As for kids' cereal, I give the 5-year-old his choice occasionally, but try to steer clear of Reese's Puffs, because I have a very, very hard time resisting them. Gotta draw the line somewhere. :)

  7. I, too, love this post! My eldest also loves the same book that N1 loves!!! He has told me more than once how much he loves it. I love that your hubby is a sale whisperer!!! What a cool find. And, of course, as always, I want to read what you're reading. So I'll probably be looking around for that book.

    Thanks for sharing!


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