Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inspired By ::: 10 Things, Vol. 4

For today ... a listy. Ten things that have caught my eye online over the past few weeks taken straight from my boards at Pinterest. (Pinterest is like a visual bulletin board online to store and catalog things you find on various websites. Genius. Totally helping me keep on track of all those links or ideas I want to save but never keep up with). I've linked my Pinterest over on the right if you are on there and interested in following. : )

1. Wishing I could sew.

2. Am saving jars.

3. Made this. Super yum.

4. Made these cake batter blondies, too. Super duper yum.

5. Searching for some new slow-cooker recipes.

6. Collecting ideas for some Christmas ornament projects.

7. We made this on Friday for our Friday Fun School with friend. (Sponsored by the letter "f" apparently). Will blog soon. : ) 

8. Currently. Love little scrapbooking memes like this that chronicle current favorites. 

9. How handy is this? Small mason jar with black sandpaper on top to strike matches on.

10. This? Just cool. Would look neat in the school room. : ) 

Linking up with Shimelle's 10 Things on the 10th!


  1. Some great ideas on your list, Pinterest is just brilliant! I like the idea of putting matches in a jar, I never know what to do with all of them, when I need an empty matchbox (or 24!) for a project!!

  2. I'm a Pinterest fan myself. Love that I can gather my ideas all in one place. Looks like you have gathered some great ideas yourself. I may have to pin some of them to my boards as well. Thanks for sharing your 10 on the 105th.

  3. !

    Ok, so I joined Pinterest and have spent far too much time there. (And we've already made a Home Depot trip as a result of my latest obsession. ;)

    LOVE the scrapbook idea for the kids. I've been thinking lately how I'd like to make a list of things my oldest likes and this is just the ticket!

    I hate you for these lists and love you too. I need more time in my day.

  4. What a great list,will need to check out pinterest!


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