Fall Reading for the Second Grader

To keep N1 challenged in her reading, we are continuing on with our reading challenges that we started this summer. She reads all the time, but I want to make sure she is exposed to some great children's books that might slip through the cracks if we aren't deliberate about making a point to read them.

To that end, N1's fall reading list. She is required to read two books from this list (in addition to her regular reading that she does on her own) and anything further than that earns her little prizes.

We swiftly scored one success off our list after it had been up for about a week. She devoured All of a Kind Family and pronounced it great, prompting a search for the out-of-print sequels at the library and the checking out of several of them on CD so that she could listen to them.


You can see our other book choices below:


Truthfully, I put Anne of Green Gables on there to challenge her, but she picked that one right up and has gotten about eight or nine chapters into it already. It's definitely slower reading for her, but we checked out a hardback from the library for her that had bigger print than my old, falling apart paperback from my box set, and so far so good. Whether she finishes it or not? We'll see.

So far this little reading plan seems to be working for us to challenge her beyond what she typically picks up, which right now is a steady diet of Hank the Cowdog and Dick King-Smith. She recently decided that she likes Dick King-Smith (author of Babe and other funny animal stories) after I had been stealthly placing them in her book basket for months. Her comment: "I really like these Dick King-Smith's books. I guess you could say I'm a fan." : ) Music to my ears!

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  1. great program, great selections, great teacher | Mom you are!

  2. What a great list! I am trying to get my Best Girl (first grader) to step up her reading as well. She can read chapter books, but she is hanging onto books with illustrations. I remember her brother needing a nudge in that transition as well! I am sure N1 will meet her goal and then some!

  3. Heh heh heh.

    I like her.

  4. I think I need to borrow this idea, or at least the book suggestions! :-)


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