Project Life // September 11 - 17

Ignoring the fact that I have SEVERAL weeks to catch up in my Project Life album, I am celebrating that I actually finished ONE week. : ) I was going to post this last week and then all the sick baby stuff happened and it languished in my draft folder.

My assistant.


This week is from September 11-17. And, oh yes, I have many weeks prior to this to catch up on.


FYI, the blur is a photo of cancelled debit cards that someone tried to purchase about $300 worth of shoes on. Thankful for a husband that caught it quickly!


The second half of our week (above). The bottom left photo shows what we did on our second Friday Fun School with our friends, the B family. We read The Little Chapel that Stood (my review here) and talked a bit about September 11. Our craft that week was decorating thankful journals.




Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Okay...seeing your week in pictures...WOW!...what a week...whew!


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