Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up // September 17-21

We had a lighter home-school week this week (which might make one think I would have time to blog more, but no). Some highs and lows to our week in our weekly run-down.

Scholastic Report

Looking at what did and didn’t get done on my planning sheet this week, the verdict is that we had solid school days Monday through Wednesday.

  • The girls each got in two math lessons a piece.

    Counting peanuts into groups of ten. And eating several of them.
  • We hit all of our Language Arts - Explode the Code, Handwriting, First Language Lessons, Writing with Ease.
  • We read/listened to the audio of chapter 4 in Story of the World, learning about Ancient Egypt.
  • We worked our our memory work for week 3 in Classical Conversations. Highlights of our memory work were learning the names of the Greek and Roman gods, the parts of an animal cell, and starting Latin noun endings.


    Typing up her notes for her CC presentation. A little appalled at the state of my desk in this picture so please avert your eyes from that!
  • We finished (finally!) our recent lunchtime chapter book read-aloud, Little Town on the Prairie. There was some talk about jumping right into These Happy Golden Years, but instead we’ve picked up Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson. (He was also the author of Ben and Me which we’ve read-aloud and I’ve blogged here).

  • B and I worked on her math and some letter recognition activities that I found in our school closet for her kindergarten. I’ve got the itch to pull out all our fall / apple books and do a lapbook with her so my hopes are to get that organized and lined up this weekend.


Life Report

  • We had a late night Monday night with the girls – unplanned – which set the tone for needing to slow down towards the end of the week. I had run to the store with a couple of the kids and got home right at bedtime. B came out to help me bring things in and closed the van door for me … unfortunately with one of her fingers still inside. My poor girl slammed it good and after calming her down and putting ice on it for about thirty minutes, T loaded her up and headed to the ER for an x-ray on it. : (

9'18'2012iPb 9'18'2012iPo

God again protected one of our kids (remembering last week’s update where the boy pulled his dresser over – I’m hoping this doesn’t become a weekly wrap-up theme!) The finger wasn’t broken – just very bruised. And as of this weekend, other than being a little stiff, most of her pain is gone. Although we would obviously not have wished this to happen to her, one perk was that she had a killer presentation at CC the next morning about her ER experience. : ) This was also a LATE night for the girls. B didn’t get home from the ER until almost 11pm, and at least one sister (the one she shares a room with) couldn’t go to sleep until she was back home. By Thursday they were all really draaaaaagging, so we had a very lite school day on Thursday and Friday of this week.

  • I am feeling the need to shake our daily routine up a little bit now that the weather is a little cooler outside. The schedule I worked out for us has served us well the first six week of school, and I could probably keep using it, but I would like to be able to work in a morning walk each day. Still working out kinks, but we took a walk/bike ride on Wednesday morning before starting school and all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


  • On Thursday, I escaped for a good chunk of the day! I have now warned my husband that I might need these “teacher development days” every six weeks or so! : ) A college acquaintance was in town giving a workshop on Thursday morning and I attended that. After checking with my friend who was staying with the girls, I found she could stay a little longer and I got to have lunch with T. By myself. With no interruptions. I have to fess up on myself – I give the girls a hard time about talking to me non-stop when I get one of them one-on-one to myself, but I think I did the same thing to T on our lunch date. : ) Much needed shot in the arm for Mama.


Breakfast : oatmeal, coffee, reading through Matthew with the girls, and one of our history timeline cards from CC. So far this addition to our schedule is working well! (We were doing this reading before, just upstairs in the schoolroom).

And with that we’ve wrapped up another week of school. It’s hard to believe that today is the first day of autumn, too! Today looks to be a normal Saturday around these parts, albeit with mid-seventy degree temperatures. I’ll take that! We have soccer for B this afternoon, a quick grocery run and stop at Staples, and our family pizza and movie night tonight. Typically that’s our Friday night activity, however, T hosted a music team get-together/rehearsal here last night and it was a loud, late night with a house full of musicians. : )

Happy Saturday.

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  1. Sounds like a good week, Stephanie, despite the emergency room visit. I am SO GLAD that she is okay! I'm also glad that you got a bit of an "inservice day" on Thursday and lunch with your hubby. It's necessary once in a while, I think.

    I'm with you on finding a way to work in some outside/exercise time now that it's cooler. Last year we took a walk before starting school many mornings, but I'm having such a difficult time covering the bases this year that I can't imagine adding something else to the schedule. Our schedule needs some major overhauling, I'm afraid.

  2. Looking at the bright side there with that great CC presentation! OUCH!!!!

    We discovered peanuts (where they come from, how they open) this week as well. It was an amazing experience.

  3. I'm searching around tonight for CC posts and stumbled upon yours. I like seeing your memory work board very much. We will be new to Foundations (our first day is Tuesday) and we're so excited. My oldest started Challenge A last week, so we're up and running!

    Thanks again!

    1. Mary, thanks for commenting. : ) I would love to find time to blog about CC more, but I haven't figured out how to fit everything in my days. If you haven't discovered Half-a-Hundred Acre Woods blog or Mt. Hope Chronicles, I highly recommend those. Two of my favorite CC blogs!


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