A Christmas Daybook

Outside my window... rainy, dreary morning. The perfect kind of day to stay home in comfy clothes.


I am thinking... that it’s just not possible that Christmas is next Tuesday. This December has felt rushed and busy and has just slipped right by me. I had all sorts of plans for advent and Christmas and it just seemed like I didn’t have the time or stamina to get much of it done.

I am thankful... for this quiet-ish week that we have been enjoying. We wrapped up all our activities for the fall last week and this week has been blissfully empty of responsibilities (for the most part). A some dentist appointments for the girls and a few miscellaneous errands to restock the cabinets so we have something to eat, and you have the bulk of our outings out of the house. Wrapping up a little school this week for 2012 and the taking a Christmas break!

In the kitchen... I’m finalizing menus for next week. Some things that I hope will make an appearance:

I am wearing... pajamas. Must get moving on some real clothes here in a moment.

I am creating... oh, have I. : ) I have stayed up a couple nights this week and my Project Life album for 2012 is … ta-da! … completely caught up for the year! Two more weeks to go and I can literally close those books and start fresh for 2013. What a good feeling. T has been spending his evenings preparing a ton of music for this coming Christmas weekend at church (he has a caroling service, regular worship service, and Christmas Eve service to be ready for – yikes), so I didn’t feel too guilty scrapbooking upstairs … alone. : )

Catching up on #projectlife tonight and watching Miss Marple on Netflix.

A photo from one of my nights. Project Life in front of me and Miss Marple playing on the computer via Netflix. Not a bad way to spend an evening. : )

I am reading... this book. I’ve made it through the first chapter on love and want to just sit and ponder on it for a while. So far, excellent.

On my reading list for December.

I am hoping... for a white Christmas, but our 50 degree weather is not making that possible. : ) I just love winter (it may be my favorite) but we don’t usually get our real cold weather until January and February. Soon, I hope!

I am looking forward to... some of T’s family visiting with us next week!

I am learning… about the fruit of the spirit. See book above. : ) I praying / planning / moving towards a year studying the fruit of the spirit for myself and the girls (and boy). There is so much I don’t know about it and that along with the concept of abiding has been pressing on me for several weeks now. I’m eager to see where this takes me.

Around the house... we added in a new family member last week! Introducing Clyde, a dachshund (with a little bit of something else) puppy. He is seven months old and the calmest puppy I have ever seen. We all love him!

Introducing Clyde.

I am pondering... 2013. Plans, goals, et al. It’s that time of year, you know.

One of my favorite things... Little Women. Watching this last night with the girls for the first time and was reminded again of how much I adore this book and this version of the movie. It had been years since I had watched it and it resurfaced recently when straightening our DVD cabinet.

A few plans for the rest of the week…

  • a last dentist appointment to wrap up for this year.
  • a vet appointment for Clyde
  • finish up the grocery list to get us through next week (and a run to pick up what we need)
  • tidy up around the house
  • figure out where our company is going to sleep : )
  • and I’m sure many other things that I am forgetting…

A peek into my day...


Happy Thursday. : )


  1. I had a dachshund growing up! I LOVED it! (That's because my dad trained it.) I had one when we got married. But I trained it and didn't care for it much. Very fond memories of the one I had as a kid.

    Ohhhhh GRR. Go you for getting your Project Life album all up to speed! :D I have been making a big push to get mine completed. Alas, I got through September. Ive had the thing spread out before me over the course of the last week! :D

    It's dark and dreary here. I confess the only reason I got out of my pjs was to make a run to Starbucks in order to get out of the house for at least a wee bit. :D

    I can't believe Tuesday is Christmas either.

    AHH!!! (But MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!)

  2. Girl, I bow to your superior management skills regarding the new addition! He is a cutie, though, and what a blessing that he's calm!

    Congrats on catching up in PL! Go you! :-). I'm looking forward to delving back in again in a couple of weeks. (Oh, and I did buy a baby kit when they were first released. I'm not sure if I'll use it for the DLM or the new baby.). Have you managed to stay caught up on your December Daily album?

    I can't believe Christmas is next week! Wow!


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