Choir Concert

Last night was our little girls’ choir concert. We take part in an amazing (free!) choir program at a local church and this year N2 and B were the only two taking part. (N1 asked to take a break from choir this year, but has asked to start back up in the spring).

A few pre-show shots take before church in the morning … it was going to be dark when the show rolled around at 5pm!

N2 was part of the “big kid” choir so she had a special t-shirt and bandana to wear.

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The eyebrows appear in almost all her pictures now. They crack me up. : )


B’s class was to wear a Christmas dress so she and I went through our dresses last week to figure out what would fit her this year.




The girls had staggered drop-off / call times so my niece and I ran N2 over mid-afternoon and then I went back with B about a 1/2 hour before the show started.


They did such a great job. This was N2’s first year up on the risers with the big kids and it’s been a hard transition for her from the more intimate classroom settings that she had been in the previous couple of years. For a little homeschooled girl, who goes to a small church, to move to a big kid choir with over 100 kids of different ages and sizes has been a challenge for her, but she has stuck with it and I have been so proud of how she has worked to overcome some anxiousness about going each week. It also helps to have a best friend that you can stand and sing with. (Her BFF is to her left with the long dark hair).  



B’s class is only on stage for about three songs, but she had a part in one of them! We were sneaky and didn’t tell her aunt, cousins or Grandma about it to surprise them. So adorable.


And she just looks really little up there, too. : )


This has become an annual Christmas event for us and we are so thankful for the girls’ experience(s) in choir. Such a fun evening for our family.


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