Hello November

Hello November.

Hello November.

Leaves everywhere make me happy.

Hello to leaves everywhere.

Happy fall.

Hello to boys (and girls) enjoying those last few moments of daylight on cool afternoons before the sun sets so early.

Listening to Handel's Messiah (the Hallelujah chorus to be precise) and teaching girls how to follow the sheet music.

Hello to cozy evenings inside, listening to music and learning together. (He’s walking her through the sheet music to the Hallelujah Chorus as they listen).

Crockpot Tuesday (on a Wednesday) : harvest stew. Recipe from @kris_wuhsmom with a few modifications.

Hello to cozy suppers. (And cozy lunch leftovers).

I may have found what is my next inspiration for running - I have discovered @thepioneerwoman on amazon prime video. I'm inspired to run farther so I can make and eat what I'm watching!

Hello to plans and thoughts on paper.

The end of a long day. Attended the funeral of a friend's father this morning who had lived a simple godly life with a rich heritage and legacy of family left behind while at the same time getting updates about a friend's daughter who is at the bedside of

Hello to evenings under the blankets with a good book (or several).

Hello to thankfulness and family and remembering … all things that come to mind as part of November.


  1. What a lovely roundup of hello's!

  2. I really LOVE the picture of the little hands holding the apple. BEAUTIFUL!


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