A Lesson in Praise from Potty Training (and the Psalms)

I've got a new post up over on the Jelly Telly blog this morning ... a lesson in praise that I've recently picked up from potty training.

It’s easy for a grownup to get down on a child’s level and be excited with them over a big accomplishment. We let loose a little of our inhibitions and joyfully shout “Good job!” when the 3 year old shares his potty training news. Or the 5 year old loses their first tooth. Or the 6 year old takes off the training wheels and rides their bike down the block that first time. How wonderful would it be if we were so free and childlike in our praise of God? If we shouted aloud when God does a mighty thing for us in our lives?

You can click over and read the rest of it here.


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