Project Life ... An Invitation


I am not a big one for promoting sales and such on my blog. But as someone that loves, loves, loves Project Life and how it has helped me keep up with scrapbooking for our family, I feel like it's a shame if I don't at least point out that the neutral / yellow Baby Edition of Project Life is on sale right now on Amazon. This is a really great deal for this big kit!

Last week (I can't remember what we were doing downstairs) but the girls all started pulling out our PL albums from the last two years and flipping through the pages. (Right there ... incentive to keep going on this project after watching the kids look at the pages and reminisce). After they did that for a while, they each reached for their respective baby books, and a certain couple of girls (the two that were born fifteen months apart), both commented on how few pages there were in their baby albums compared to the oldest child and the only boy. Whoops. I decided to take the plunge while these kits were on sale and buy two of them. Before you think that I'm totally crazy, I'm not working on them now. At all. Even though I'm itching to. What I am doing, however, is dreaming of a little bit of free time this summer where I will work on tackling some of each girl's book - printing off some of those adorable pictures that are languishing on our hard drive and getting them in an album so they can look at it. I can't wait.


I really, really, really love this system. (Have I mentioned that before?) It suits my need to play with pen and paper and get photos into albums, but it also makes it much more doable with our life right now. I've been wondering ... would any local friends be interested in little Project Life party? Nothing major, but if you are (or would be) interesting in seeing what it entails, look at the cards / protectors / albums without having to buy anything, maybe we could plan a little something? An idea. And this wouldn't be just about baby albums. Anyone that has any kind of pictures can find something that suits them from the different PL kits and put together an album. I know scrapbooking is not everyone's creative cup of tea, but if some were interested, I could maybe be talked into a fun Project Life night.



  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    If we were neighbors, I'd ask you to help me get started with PL. I don't know if this is the right time for me to take the plunge, but I'll bet if I knew someone close by who was doing it, I'd be more inclined to start.

  2. :D I am so glad that you love this system well enough to talk about it because you got me hooked! My kids LOVE our PL albums. Speaking of which, I have some catching up to do (again)!

  3. The PL system seems overwhelming to me when I see it here so it intrigues me that you say it is easy for you to do in this season of life. Hmmmm. For my current digital life, I have done a couple of Shutterfly albums and love it that I have a way to put my life in pictures in a way that we can remember. But I still have quite a stash of photos on shelves that I want to tackle. Yes, there is one child who has only one photo in his/her album.....can you make a guess who it is? Maybe I can take a look at your stuff sometime.

  4. Waaah! I wanna come! (Maybe that would be the jumpstart I need to get back in the game!)


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