Rebooting Dinner

I have gotten into a massive dinnertime run around these parts - making the same meals over and over and over again. A few weeks ago I asked for some dinner suggestions and when I got several of the same comments - "I'm so tired of tacos!"; "Can you never make _____ again?" - I laughed. : ) Really, I wasn't hurt. I was tired of our taco Tuesdays and the quick turkey kielbasa meal I make before Awana or on soccer nights. There are no shortage of meals that I want to try and add into our rotation. It's just all to easy for me to get lazy in the kitchen because I'm tired by the time I need to get started on dinner! All that to say, we've found a few winners in the last couple weeks and I want to remember that these got a good response from (most of) the family.

Just did a taste test of @thepioneerwoman Salisbury steak and gravy. Oh my yum.

Pioneer Woman Salisbury steak - husband approved and super yum.

Life as Mom cheese enchiladas - (no photo) super easy meatless main dish. And bonus - the recipe makes enough for TWO 9x13 pans so I served our family one and popped the other into the freezer for a meal for friends awaiting the arrival of a baby. So good. I pretty much ate all the leftovers of this by myself and didn't share.

Last night's leftovers. I might have rushed a little to get to these before anyone else.

Pioneer Woman's Chickpea Curry with Rice - so good! I actually made this with chicken instead of chick peas but her sauce was what sealed it for me.

Confession: you know how Facebook now has all these 1 minute recipe videos? I watch them. And tonight I made one. Mozzarella stuffed meatballs recommended by @megduerksen. 👍👍

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs - I don't know if you have noticed all the 1-minute food / recipe videos that are on facebook now, but I tend to watch them all. And then I made this one. Another winner. Bonus - it's a crockpot meal that I whipped up after lunch and let cook for the afternoon and it was delicious.

After these meat heavy dishes, I need a few salad nights, but my husband was sure happy! I have a split pea soup that I want to try (which will be just for me as no one else here cares for it) as well as a lemon orzo chicken soup that sounds delicious. I have also saved several cranberry recipes because it's the season. And after posting all these yummy meals, I feel like I need to make a full disclosure that I've promised the kids frozen taquitos for dinner since Daddy won't be here for dinner. Real life dinner planning here. : )


  1. At least you are cooking. Me? I've gotten into the bad, bad habit of picking something up on the way home. Granted, depending on what I get, it's several meals' worth (one order of chicken subgum and eggrolls is easily three meals), but still....I took out chicken legs to make PW's Spicy Chicken Legs tonight. Minimal prep, and a dozen legs is 5 - 6 meals, depending on if it is lunch or dinner. You reminded me that I love Salisbury steak, and have all the ingredients at home at the moment. Snow predicted for Friday night to Saturday - SS is the perfect snowy weather meal.

  2. I hear you, friend! I'm in a rut in every area of my life! 😩

    I'd love to see your cranberry recipes!


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