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Getting ready to fill in these boxes a bit since we are starting back to school tomorrow.Untitled

Around here we are getting back to school. (The top picture was taking Sunday afternoon. The bottom was taken on Friday afternoon.) I plot out where I think we are headed in pencil - generally just in math and our science/history loop - by Friday we can see how far we have gotten.

Lunch is @thepioneerwoman chickpea curry over rice. I made this last night with chicken instead of chickpeas and it is going in my lunch rotation of quick, hot lunches for winter. So so good.

Around here I'm menu planning for next week and making my grocery list. I'm trying a new menu planning system after using multiple free miscellaneous meal planning forms online. Super fancy - it involves a composition book from Target, coffee, and a pen. Highlighter optional. So far, so good. Pioneer Woman Chickpea Curry was eaten multiple times this week. Once at dinner with chicken and then I made a whole other batch of it for lunches with chickpeas.

We started a new read aloud yesterday. #readaloudrevival #itssimplytuesday

Around here we are starting a new read aloud for January.


Around here I am missing my cozy corner in my room. T set this up for me several weeks ago and I spend many a happy afternoon in my chair reading during our Christmas break. School is really cutting into my reading time.


Around here we are dangerously close to another child turning ten. However, said child made her brother a grilled cheese sandwich AND tomato soup today at lunch so sometimes I am OK with the whole growing up thing.


  1. I recognize that coffee cup...I have one just like it! I'll have to try that recipe. I enjoy chickpeas.
    Happy 2016 to ya.


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