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Around here we are finally seeing frost in the mornings and are very hopeful for a first snow later this week!


Around here someone is very into rescue bots and transformers. Boy toys really are quite cool.


Photo from @our.littlehouse on Instagram, because I can't figure out how to imbed an instagram shot other than a screen shot on my phone!

Around here I made some homemade almond coffee creamer for me and vanilla for a little girl that likes some coffee with her creamer. That's good stuff.

Introducing the girls to a side of Professor Snape that they have never seen. One of my favorites.

Around here, we are sad about the death of Professor Snape and introduced the girls to his other side this weekend with Sense and Sensibility. It has been several years since I have watched this movie and it is so so good.

Sunday family game night. Teaching the kids the finer points of Yahtzee.

Around here we are trying to have family game night on Sunday. Last night we taught the kids how to play Yahtzee and were creamed by the 9 year old.

Painting with egg yolk and chalk in the style of Giotto. #classicalconversations #itssimplytuesday

Around here we are back to Classical Conversations and art projects like painting with egg yolks and crushed chalk in the style of Giotto.


Around here it is Monday and the struggle is real. (Semi-staged photo). : ) It's hard to be a homeschooler and doing school on MLK Day when the public schools are out. We do school when Dad goes to work though, so it's all business here with a side of bacon to improve our mood, and we have a trip to the symphony later this week with friends to look forward to. For now, it's math, memory work, and reading aloud.

Happy Monday!


  1. I LOVE these posts, and I'm working hard not to covet your iphone photography skills. ;-)

    Hmmm. Homemade coffee creamer? I mostly avoid the bad stuff by buying the natural kind (the name of which escapes me at the moment), but I'm intrigued by this.

    Love that last photo. DH was home today but did school with the kiddos while I went to leaders council at CBS. He's way more efficient than I am. (Also, he's not as discractible.)

    1. Truth: not all of these are iPhone. Some are my real camera. : ) I do process the real camera photos through my phone some of the time with the PicTapGo app. I'm kinda addicted to that. : )

  2. I remember my daughter getting upset with the public school kids would get a snow day and she wouldn't. She had plenty of other off days, so she wasn't deprived! Love the 'staged' pic though. Reminds me of my girls.


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