Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Quick Hello

We're home as of Thursday and doing well. I'm REALLY sore (in lots of spots), and having been taking it very easy. Natalie is doing fabulous ... she is sleeping a lot so our feedings have been a little wonky, but the nursing is going great other than being quite sore as we break back into feedings. :) Noelle is handling this transition like a champ ... so far. She is VERY interested in watching me change Natalie's diaper and even requests that we change it at times just for fun. Travis has had to go into work for a few hours both Thursday, Friday, and even today for a bit, but he's racked up quite a few extra hours before the baby came which will be a huge help over the next few weeks. Natalie has her 1 week check upon Tuesday and he'll need to drive us since I'm not allowed to drive for 2 weeks because of the c-section. I've had a little time alone with both the girls and must admit to several bouts of tears (not even really of frustration) of hormones at how I will do this by myself over the coming weeks.

All that to say, posts may be a little sporadic here. I've been needing to cut back on my internet time anyway, and am planning on taking advantage of this time to do that and adjust myself to that change. Also as a heads up, I'm seriously considering either password protecting here or at least making it so you have to register for commenting. I'll give a heads up if I do do that.

A few pics, of course. :)

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