Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fall Reading Challenge Update

I figure it's time to do a quick update on my Fall Reading Challenge sponsored by Katrina over at Callapidder Days. I have not, I regret to say, made much of a dent in my pile, though I have been reading.

  • I finished Ambassador Families and HIGHLY recommend it. I want to write more on this fantastic book, so I'll come back to this one ... hopefully sooner rather than later. :)
  • Thoroughly enjoyed Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place again ... it had been a long time.
  • Am almost done with Me? Obey Him? by Elizabeth Rice Handford. Another than I am gaining all sorts of good stuff from.
  • I was derailed by the Mitford books, I admit it. Of course, I have a perfectly good excuse. :) I get to hear Jan Karon speak on November 4 at a fundraiser for a local Christian arts/homeschooling co-op school. We were given tickets by a wonderful woman from church and I am beside myself excited. So, I had to review the books so that I felt up to speed to hear her speak.
  • John Grisham's latest, The Innocent Man, was also read. Very different as it was based on a true story. I missed his good dialogue between characters, but it was still very interesting, and more heartbreaking because it was a true story.
  • I also just added the latest Beverly Lewis book, The Brethren, to my pile. My Mom brought it over, it was the last in her recent Amish trilogy, and it was good!

    Up next, I'm going to start Christ in Christmas: A Family Advent Celebration for my non-fiction read; for fiction, I'll probably start Summer of the Midnight Sun by Traci Peterson.
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