Monday, October 02, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

This week's menu is nothing fancy. :) We're having N1's and my nephew's combined birthday lunch here on Sunday and so this week is all about power-cleaning the house and getting it ready for a family invasion. It has also needed cleaning for several weeks and I am in the mood for some serious fall cleaning and decorating. :)

Monday: fajitas (chicken)
Tuesday: Christmas Morning French Toast (new recipe, this sounds yummy!), bacon and pears
Wednesday: chicken nuggets and french fries, boca burgers for adults
Thursday: BBQ pork chops which I have been trying to make for several weeks now!
Friday: Soup of some kind
Saturday: Little Ceasars pizza! (I love to make our pizza myself, but this Saturday is our church's fall festival and I am not going to feel like cooking once we get home. Travis is working the festival so I'll have girl duty the whole time. By the time I get them home, bathed and bedded, and he rolls home, he will starving and I'll be exhausted. This works out for both of us!)

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