Friday Felicities


  • putting the start of a big project into motion

  • iced tea from Sonic (have you tried the peach? Yum!)

  • Chinese Almond Cookies - I made these just for fun on Thursday because it was the Chinese New Year. The girls didn't care for them (they are not filled with chocolate chips) so, sadly, Travis and I will have to take care of them.

  • in spite of the fact that each one of my girls has a bruise on their face (!) from separate incidents*, no one has needed stitches, ice packs or emergency room trips.

  • An email from a long-lost college friend and the reconnection of a friendship.

  • This munchkin who turned 9 months on Tuesday. She is now 17 lbs., 16 oz. and almost 29 inches long. She loves green beans, pumpkins, and pearsauce (but no thank you to applesauce ... it gives us a rash.) She loves to give and receive kisses and is suspiciously close to saying something that sounds like "da-da-da-da-da."

Elizabeth 9 months

* for the interested :) ~ Natalie ran into an end table on Tuesday evening, Noelle was run into by a little boy at Awana on Wednesday night, and Elizabeth fell off the couch on Thursday. It's been quite. a. week.


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