I am nothing if not original...

Or not so much. Hat tips to Pattie, Cheri, Leann, Monika, Heather ... I'm just following the crowd on this one. :)

Current Book(s): Mittenstrings for God by Katrina Kennison

Current Playlist: Lately I've been all over my Phillips Craig and Dean worship CDs.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Watching King of Queens on DVD with the husband in the evening after the girls go to bed. Shhh ... we laugh out loud.

Current Color: Chocolate brown. Still the favorite and has been for a while. Although I think I may need something orange for summer.

Current Fetish: sleep pants, pajama pants ... whatever you want to call them. They are my friendssssss.

Current Drink: Right this second? An indulgent cup of afternoon coffee.

Current Food: I've been craving French Onion Soup. I need to make some soon.

Current Favorite Favorite: Diet Sprite with a splash of cranberry.

Current Wishlist: I would *like* a new paper cutter for scrapbooking. I broke off part of mine. :(

Current Needs: I could use some new clothes ... I lost several t-shirts in the last couple weeks due to the '08 stomach virus.

Current Triumph(s): A little one, but I did scrapbook a page a day in the L.O.A.D. challenge for January. It was nice to clear quite a few photos off my desk!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Lack of sleep.

Current Indulgence: Um, I can't think of one! I am going to plan on something fun for dinner (for me) on Friday that is NOT pizza! Travis is going to our church's men's retreat and it will be me and the girls. Maybe a stirfry/veggie laden meal? A big salad? Hmmm. Thoughts?

Current #1 Blessing: God's Word. I'm loving it.

Current Slang or Saying: "No Way!" (To which Natalie replies without fail: "Yes way!" She cracks. me. up.)

Current Outfit: Knit pants, white t-shirts, brown slip-on Sketchers.

Current Excitement: Cubbies for Noelle tonight! That makes us Very Excited!

Current Mood: Isolated.

Current Link(s): I'll share a few favorite blogs right now ... the ones that make me jump up and down when they update:

By Sun and Candlelight ... a homeschooling blog. I love, love, love how she intersperses her faith and crafts and homemaking into her writing.

BooMama ... who doesn't read her? And if you've missed her recent posts about her Compassion International trip to Uganda ... do it.

In the Midst of It ... I just love the way Sarah thinks. And she has little ones about the same age as mine and she keeps it real on her blog.

Current Pictures:


This little face makes me melt. And see that tongue? It is always always sticking out. *sigh* (As are the ears ... always sticking out, I mean.) Utterly kissable. :)


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