So grateful ...

  • That we are getting back on our feet after a week and a half long stomach virus.

  • For my washer and dryer and *their* willingness to work overtime last week to keep up with the mind-boggling amount of laundry that we generated.

  • While we missed several events last week (a dance class here, and trip to the library there), it was a good week to be home, bundled up, and taking lots of naps.

  • That my babies slept a lot while they were sick. (At least during the day ... at night, not so much).

  • That Travis never caught it.

  • That we had a wonderful at-home Valentine's day with the girls ... flowers all round and Greek take-out for the grownups. Yum.

And the list could go on and on. Appetites are coming back and sisters are feeling up to picking on each other. (Life is definitely getting back to normal!)


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