Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn Treasures Blog Tour

Recognize that song? : )

Because I am part of Download N Go's blogger review team, I get the opportunity to preview and review some of the new studies as they are released. For the last two weeks, Noelle and I have been working through some of the activities and books mentioned in last year's Autumn Treasures. We didn't do the full study this year because we did it last fall as part of her kindergarten, however, it was a great review for both of us on how the seasons change, what happens where you live depending on which hemisphere of the earth you live on, and some other fun seasonal facts.

Some specifics about our activities:

We colored a picture of the globe and labeled the Northern and Southern hemisphere. We also talked about why the seasons are the opposite of one another depending on what hemisphere you live in. It always boggles our mind that while it's turning fall here, those "down under" are experiencing spring!

We read a few of our seasonal fall favorites - one that I finally bought after checking it out at the library so many times (and not just during the fall) is Pumpkin Jack. This ties in perfectly with a lapbook activity that shows the development of a pumpkin from seed to plant.

We also talked about Johnny Appleseed - another fall favorite - and read two books about him. One was The Story of Johnny Appleseed by Aliki, and the second, another version by Steven Kellogg. To go along with this, we felt we needed to watch the classic Disney short about Johnny Appleseed, a favorite that I remember growing up with! (You can watch part 1 and part 2 on Youtube). We also made a batch of apple spice cupcakes that I highly recommend!

If you are interested in doing the Autumn Treasures study, right now it's on sale for 20% as part of their Autumn Equinox special (from now through September 24) ... you can find more information on the study and the sale here! If you are interested in reading what other families have enjoyed about this study, you can visit the Download N Go blog here and check out their reviews. Thank you to Download N Go for a copy of this study and the chance to work through it as part of our homeschool year!


  1. Those cupcakes look yummy!! I imagine my crowd would enjoy them....except maybe hubby!! ;-)

  2. I have never used one of their studies, but they have always looked interesting. I think my 4yo, Eden, and 6yo, Tommy, would really enjoy this! I'm going to go look at it now. Thank you!! The muffins look delicious. :)


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