Monday, September 20, 2010

Daybook ::: 9.20.2010

Outside my Window ... mid-90's again all this week. I'll leave it at that and look forward to the mid-80's predicted this weekend!
I am thinking ... about a girl's 7th birthday that is coming up in a few short weeks and a nephew's 6th birthday that is just a few days behind. I've got to get cracking on some birthday plans!

I am thankful for ... the wedding of friends this past weekend! Yes, it was outside. Yes, it was really warm. Yes, it was a little chaotic. But, YES, they are now married and that was the point! : )

In the learning room ... honestly, this week we are playing catch-up from last week. We ended up missing school on Thursday due to an unexpected broken filling of mine (ugh!) and an emergency trip to the dentist. FYI - when you are three-ish weeks away from delivery, there is not a whole lot that they can do (or want to do) so it was mostly a cleaning and quick patch job with plans for more work in about 6 weeks. Fun. : ) Anyways ... I'm pulling out fall books and trying to come up with some ideas for low-key fall activities for the girls along with our regular work.

From the kitchen ... making these
pasta shells for dinner tonight and this autumn crockpot dish later this week (one of my favorites!) I'm also craving this pumpkin pie dip (which is excellent with apple slices and gingersnaps) as well as a batch of hummus and pita bread. Can you say random cravings? : )

I am creating ... baby thank you notes, slowly but surely. (Still). Also, continuing to work on my Learn Somthing New Every Day Album. While I have kept it REALLY simple, I'm loving the things that I've noticed and briefly journalled this month. So glad I took the time to do it!

I am going ... a little bit of hither and yon this week. I'm down to weekly check-ups at the dr. and this week I'm taking the girls with me for my appointment on Thursday. They will think it's really cool, I'm sure, as they haven't been to a regular appointment (just the ultrasound) and hearing the heartbeat is always neat. I also need to fit in a library trip and a little birthday shopping. I would love to try and make one of my neice or nephew's softball/baseball games, but I just don't know if I can make that happen. They are so fun, though!

I am wearing ... black yoga pants and a white maternity shirt.

I am reading ... about 3 different books as I have interest. Nothing really worth noting as I'm not sticking with anything very long.

I am hoping ... to be a little bit more productive this week. Pregnancy insominia (while great for catching up on old movies at night) is not good for getting lots done during the day. Would like to make a dent in my to-do list, find the top of my desk, and so forth...

I am hearing ... the washer and dryer running, the little girls watching a Brady Bunch episode ... otherwise a quiet house.

Around the house ... puzzle pieces everywhere - the little girls were having a puzzle party this morning while I worked on sorting some fall clothes for them, and pulled several summer things that are too small out of their closet. (sniff, sniff). Laundry in process. A house that looks a little lived in today.

One of my favorite things ... a few of our favorite fall shows starting back this week for me and T to enjoy after the girls go to bed. We don't watch "live" TV, but we do have a few shows that we enjoy catching on Hulu after the fact.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... just the norm: school, a few errands, a little baby prep that needs to happen, etc. Nothing too fancy.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ... 

I had lunch duty at Noelle's tutorial on Friday and the little girls thought it was REALLY cool that we got eat lunch and have recess with the first graders!

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  1. This is my new business idea - ya ready?

    A Pregnancy Craving Service. You sign up for it at the beginning of your pregnancy and then when you have a craving, you call in to the service. They just keep a tab of their errand running and purchases (say when you can't think about anything other than having a Skittle at 10 p.m. at night! . . even though you haven't had Skittles in years.) Then at the end of the pregnancy they just bill you for all the times you used them to go pick up your pizza, that bean burrito, the Skittles, yes, and the Pumpkin Jamba Juice smoothie. =) *I* would pay for such a service and Jonathan said he would too. But then we couldn't think of anyone who would actually WANT to provide the service. So....that's the problem.


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