Thursday, September 02, 2010


So glad I took those impromptu pics of the girls on Tuesday. See Exhibit A:

The hair cutting bug has bitten again. All I can say is that it could be MUCH worse. : )


  1. I was three years old when I decided to cut my hair. I was supposed to be taking a nap but I decided to get up, go into the bathroom and get the scissors. I still remember my thoughts processes, the way the room looked, and my mother's expression when she poked her head in the door to check on me!!!

  2. Yep. It could be worse. And thankfully hair grows back. None of my kids have cut their OWN hair but Will and Ben decided to cut Ellie's a couple of years ago. Thankfully it was easy to hide.

  3. FYI - sometimes they still do it at 11.

  4. Kathleen Jaeger11:31 PM

    I was trying to guess who cut their hair based on the post title! I think it is simply a rite of passage for children to cut their own hair.

  5. My girls have never cut their own or anyone else's hair (at least enough to notice) YET. I wouldn't be surprised, though--especially with my younger dd.

    I think she looks cute! :-)


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