Monday, September 13, 2010


Am re-reading this and realizing it's a pretty blah daybook entry. :) Thought about deleting it but it's still a sketchy record of our days ... even if they aren't very exciting!

Outside my Window ... sunny and warm although it's slowly cooling down for the evening. It's still pretty warm out there during the day. Have I mentioned I'm a little ready for some fall temperatures?

I am thinking ... of dinner, of baths for girls, of a hot shower for me, of jammies, (of being ready for my jammies to fit comfortably again!), of relaxing with T when he gets home, maybe watching a few episodes of Eureka...

I am thankful for ... a diagnosis for a friend's little boy. It's serious, and he's still got a ways to go, but they know what is going on with him now and are working on getting him well.

In the learning room ... we're going to be doing some
autumn activities this week, on top of our regular language arts / math / Bible studies. Reading a few books on Johnny Appleseed and hopefully figuring out how to work an apple pie into the menu this week!

From the kitchen ... Angel Chicken is finishing up cooking in the crockpot (to be served over pasta) and we'll have some roasted green beans along with it.

I am creating ... baby thank you notes, slowly but surely.

I am going ... to a wedding this weekend which I am very excited about. Let me clarify. I'm excited about the wedding. I'm not terribly excited about the fact that I have to wear a dress to an outdoor wedding at 36 weeks pregnant, but since I like the bride and groom, I am making sacrifices. : )

I am wearing ... black maternity pants, rolled up to make them into capris and a really stretched out yellow t-shirt.

I am reading ... an old Agatha Christie, Thirteen at Dinner. I'm having a hard time focusing on anything to read, really, right now, so I pulled this one off my shelf.

I am hoping ... for a good productive week ... a good report at the dr. (again) this week ... just little things like that. Nothing flashy.

I am hearing 
... little girls that are supposed to be having a short rest time on their beds. It's about time to release them.

Around the house ... lots of purging, decluttering, rearranging on my part. We're doing something preliminary thinking and talking about houses and moving and all that jazz and that's giving me plenty to ponder on when I should be sleeping. : )

One of my favorite things ... my afternoon (homemade) iced coffee. A little caffiene pick-me-up that is calling my name right now.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... school, 36 week appointment, possibly trying to fit in a trip to either the niece or the nephew's baseball/softball games this week ... I really want to try and make one for each of them before the baby arrives ..., a busy day Saturday with wedding festivities.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ... 

Beautiful wildflowers outside a house that we looked at on Sunday afternoon. Not one that we will probably be pursuring, but a fun outing none-the-less.


  1. This does not at all sound like a post to be's your perfect life, rejoice! I am almost finished with TKAM and until I read your post, I had forgotten how much my Mom used to like to read Agatha Christie!

  2. I tried to post this last night via my iPod, but it didn't work. Here goes:

    So glad you're doing well! I hope you had a restful night of sleep, or at least if you didn't you're not feeling too tired this morning.

    Not too much longer! :-)

  3. "release them"

    I laughed because that's how I felt when my kids were napping and it was time to let them out of the room.

    Release the hounds!


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