Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 Weeks

5 weeks

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     You are just over a month old! We are starting to see even more of your beautiful blue eyes as you are getting more alert with every day. You are the popular kid on Sunday afternoons when the whole family is over after church. We are going to have to start some sort of ticket system to keep track of whose turn it is to hold you. This past Sunday you had some extra special snuggle time with Grandpa and Dr. Lawson, one of Grandpa’s best friends.
    Today, you had your one month doctor appointment: you are 12 lbs., 5.5 oz. (95%) and 22.5 inches long (75%). I already knew that you had been growing because some of your 0-3 month outfits are already getting too small for you! You are such a great nighttime sleper, Ethan. By that, I don’t mean that you don’t get up to eat a couple times at night - you do; But you are great about going back down after eating and letting me get a little sleep. Now, our project is to work on getting you good and full during those nighttime feedings so you will sleep just a bit longer.
    I think Daddy said it best the other night when it feels like our family is complete with you here, Buddy Boy.

All elements by Crystal Wilkerson. I used elements from her Me and My Brother pack and I think some from one of her Christmas packs. (I'll try and be better about remembering what I'm using.) The template is from Cathy Zielske and from the same pack that I used last week for his 3 & 4 week layout.


  1. Steph, adorable as always. I love that you are doing this as you go! I still need to do this with my number 4 who just turned 5 (not to mention #3 who just turned 9!) Yikes. You'll be so glad to have all these. And hi from last night...not sure if I waved across the foyer!!

  2. PRecious! He reminds me of our own sweet little man.


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