Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I keep thinking I'll find a moment to post, but it's not happening ... a few pictures to fill in for me. : )

The little mermaid and her pet turkey ...

What my floor really looks like some days ... a lot of days.

Reading, reading, reading ... even if it's not in focus.

Our mystery/detective loving girl has discovered Clue. We've played a game every day since her Daddy brought the game home for her.


  1. LOL on the mermaid with her pet turkey.

    LOVE playing Clue! No one else in my family does but that's one of my most favorite games!!(I'd play it with her when y'all got tired of playing.) That's so fun!

  2. Look at her reading such a big book. Love.

  3. Hey--how did you get in my house and take a picture of my floor without my knowing it?

  4. i used to LOVE playing clue with my dad! it is so fun!


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