Friday, November 19, 2010


Current Books: Have been rereading At Home in Mitford a page here and there as well as James Dobson's Bringing Up Girls.

Current Playlist: Have been in the mood for classical lately - Aaron Copeland's music is a favorite! The girls have been listening to a few songs from the musical Seussical which we recently saw at our local children's theater. It was excellent!
Current Shame: You know those tins of popcorn that they sell at Walmart every year at Christmas time ... I *love* them. Especially the caramel. : )

Current Color: chocolate brown and deep Christmas red

Current Drink: decaf iced tea and the occasional diet sprite

Current Food: nothing jumps out at me as something we're having a lot of lately. I did make these brown bag burritos the other night and they were soooo good. They will be a lunch staple for me over the next several days.

Current Favorite Favorite: Right now, I'm thinking January may be favorite month. A month off from all these dr. visits and procedures!

Current Wishlist: Um, just to name a few things I have my eye on ... the new Jan Karon/Mitford book, this bag, and some of this sticker/label paper. It's so fun to play with.

Current Needs: Nothing really, even though it's fun to make wishlists. Well, I could do with a bit more sleep.

Current Triumph: On most days, just getting done with what I need to is a triumph right now. : )

Current Bane of my Existence: The laundry. I really do like doing laundry, but I was just telling my husband last night that it seems to have quadrupled of late (and it's not just the baby's fault!)

Current Indulgence: Breaking out the Christmas movies a few days early.

Current Mood: Too many jumbled together to mention, but they are mostly good. : )

Current #1 Blessing: Truthfully, our insurance. We thankfully have very good insurance and even though bills are rolling in for me and the baby and we still have the gall bladder stuff to look foward to, it's not entirely overwhelming.

Current Slang or Saying: Shhhhhh....

Current Outfit: Jammy pants and an old t-shirt.

Current Excitement: Our trip next week to Gatlinburg with my family. Looking forward to our time in a cabin, looking at beautiful leaves, and relaxing.

Current Link: Love this little serve sign. It's on it's way to me as part of my Christmas ... now where to put in in my house is the question. I usually never buy little decorative kinds of things, but as we are house-hunting and talking about what features we want in a home and how we want to use it, this sign JUMPED out at me as something I want to display and be reminded of for a theme for our home.

Happy Friday. : )


  1. Oh, we would love to see Seussical sometime! It sounds so fun.

    Sleep, yes.

    So glad insurance is picking up the tab! That's a blessing indeed.

    Love the Serve sign.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ah, Mitford. Love, love, love the series. Maybe I'll re-read it over the holidays.

    Have you tried this popcorn?

    You're welcome.


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