Food Friday ::: Asparagus Wrapped Bundles

My first recipe "by request."


These yummies were made on Sunday for my Mom's birthday lunch. The same lunch where we celebrated B & Mother's Day. (We combine our holidays around here in the spring because we have a few that tend to stack up on top of each other).

These are super-duper easy and delicious. The details are on the card above but the gist is that you wrap your asparagus in bacon and bake it in the oven until the bacon is done. (For me, that worked out to 425 for about 30 minutes). We are planning on trying it this weekend with green beans which is the original version that I had heard of; however, asparagus is one of my mom's favorite veggies so I was open to trying this in the hopes that the bacon would entice other adventurous eaters. : )

Also, just a note to say thank you for the comments on these food posts! I am no Pioneer Woman when it comes to posting recipes, but it is fun to share things that works in this busy mama's kitchen. : )

Hope you all have a good Friday! We are having a very wet one here and I'm looking forward to hunkering down with my family for our weekly pizza and family movie night. (It's the littlest girl's pick so we're either enjoying Ariel or Mulan ... almost always a princess with her). : )


  1. That looks so deliciously yummy. I would have been more inclined to try that about two months ago. I'm all asparagused out at the moment but I will absolutely keep this one in mind!

  2. I've done this with prosciutto instead of bacon. I suppose that lowers the fat but ups the salt. We just have to pick our poison sometimes. ;)

  3. Oh, and I LOVE your recipe cards!!!! What a great idea for blogging.

  4. @Tanya: thank you! : ) I will have to search out the prosciutto and try that!


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