Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Project Life ::: Weeks 17 & 18

Yesterday was a very blah day here. It was rainy (again) and the 1st grader and I were just worn out. Typically I am a fan of the rainy day because we tend to hunker down and get stuff done without the lure of the sunshine and outside, but yesterday didn't follow that pattern. So, in an uncharacteristic move on my part as we have only 10 days of school left for this year, we did a half day of school and called it good. I let the the girls watch a mid-week movie bundled up on the couch amid blankets and pillows and I scrapbooked. It was needed all round and I think we are the better for our little mini-break yesterday!

That said, I was able to get weeks 17 & 18 of my Project Life album finished yesterday. (Week 16 is sitting there unfinished, but the most current stuff is now done!) Because week 17 included Easter and several extra events with photos I didn't want to leave out, I added in an additional page in the middle - a 12x12 insert with slots for six 4x6 photos on each side. (I believe it was an American Crafts insert).

On the left is the "regular" Project Life page and on the right is one side of the 12x12 add-in:


Below: the back of the 12x12 insert and the right side of week 17:


Breaking down the picture below:
  • Sunday: a picture from a wedding shower after church on Sunday. We are going to miss this couple when they get married and move away!
  • Monday: a late-in-the-day shot of my evening snack. A scoop of chex mix and apple slices. The apple balences out the chex mix, right? : )
  • Tuesday: the boy on the move. This week brought several advances in the mobility department as he figure how to get out of his room and out into the hall.

The B side:
  • Wednesday: oldest sister assisting with practice in sitting up.
  • Thursday: a photo of the buds on the rose bushes in front of our house. Ever so grateful for the previous owners in planting these. To say that I am a bit obsessed with taking pictures of the flowers would be an understatement!
  • Friday: we used this free download from Ali Edwards to make playdate invitations for a certain almost 4yo. Mama said no to a big friend party this year, but three little girls coming over to play isn't a party, right? : )
  • Saturday: a rare picture of me and the boy from the Easter egg hunt at our church. Thanks to my Dad for snapping this photo! The boy has some tired eyes in this picture - he had had about as much egg hunt fun as he could handle.

This is the front of the insert I used. On the front side are a few pics from Friday egg coloring. The orange card at the top is from a free digital kit from Allison Kimball. The journaling card on the bottom is from Elle's Studio. It is a digital file that I resized to 4x6.


The back side has more photos from the egg hunt at church (the rabbit, purple paper & ribbon are all from the same Allison Kimball kit I linked above).


Week 18 layout with an 8 1/2 x 11 insert. The insert is an email of an Amazon gift certificate that my Dad sent me for Administrative Professional's Day. (He is the pastor of our church and I am the church administrator so we get to work together!) He totally surprised me with the gift certificate (and the sweet note on it) so I included it. I realize the gift certificate code is out there for all to see, but it's already been spent. : )


Side A of week 18:
  • Sunday: a family Easter photo and only the 2nd photo of the six of us. (The last was our Christmas picture!)
  • Monday: I documented our goodbye ritual with Daddy on the blog here and then include a shot of that in the album. Will I do another layout with the whole morning goodbye run down the street? I don't know, but I at least have a photo memory and the story included here.
  • Tuesday: I was running out of dinner options this night and the cupboards were looking mighty bare. I came up with waffles and dyed the batter pink and purple. The girls, of course, loved it!

Side B:
  • Wednesday: a quick photo while we were all in the bathroom waiting out the tornado sirens.
  • Thursday: we actually made it to the preschool story time at the library this week. I haven't even attempted to get to this with the girls in several years, but we decided to try today. N1 packed up some school to do and the little girls love the stories and singing time.
  • Friday: my new favorite breakfast. Oatmeal with a scoop of blueberry yogurt in it. I started Weight Watchers this week and I think I've eaten this almost every day this week so far!
  • Saturday: a photo from our family grocery outing to Sam's. The little girls were sitting in the front of the cart together and being silly. (B's eyes CRACK me up in the picture!) They really are the best of buddies and I love that.

Something new that I added in this week, after seeing it on another blog (which I cannot find - rats!), was the addition of a flip up photo sleeve so that I could add in two more 4x6 photos to a single day. Under the Thursday photo above from the library, I added in two more photos. One of N1 sitting at a table doing her school work and the other of a frequent evening ritual at the new house - making a small fire in the firepit in the backyard to wind down our day.


There is the last two weeks in a nutshell! I really, really am enjoying using Project Life to capture our daily memories. (I think I say that almost every PL post). The fact that I'm experimenting with other types of page protectors is just adding to that enjoyment because I can include some traditionally scrapped pages in with our PL inserts. This project can be whatever I want it to be and I love that. : )

For more info on PL, visit Becky Higgins' website.


  1. As a non-scrapbooker, I'm curious. Do you print your photos out on photo paper, or regular paper? My mind reels at the amount of ink - do you have a dedicated photo printer? Same questions, I guess, on the journal cards - just downloaded and printed on regular paper, or cardstock? almost seems as if I need to take a scrapbooking class, huh?

  2. I'm always impressed with your creativity and scrapbooks. I wish I wanted to scrap enough to actually do it. :)

  3. @Diane: I print them out on photo paper at home right now. My Dad just recently (within the last 2-3 months) gifted me with a photo printer to use at home. So far I’ve found the expense not too bad. The printer I use is an Epson Stylus Photo R1900 and it has 8 (I think?) separate color ink cartridges. They run about $13-14 each but I replace them one at a time as they run out so to me it’s comparable to a larger photo order. And, considering the alternative is the time uploading photos, loading and unloading children in the car to head to Costco, and then the expense of picking up the prints, the extra pennies here and there are worth it. I do not use this printer to print any of our school work or regular pages – photos only – and that has helped save the ink, which really does last a while. I think since I’ve had this printer, I’ve only had to replace the blue ink, and I am just about to need to replace pink. The photo paper I’m using now is some that I picked up from Office Depot (their store brand). It’s okay, but a little on the thin side in my opinion. However, it works just fine and I may try something else next time.

    The journal cards came with the Project Life kit from Becky Higgins and I use those almost exclusively. For an additional $3.99, I purchased her blank journaling cards (100 in a box) from Amazon to have when I want something that doesn’t have any graphics on it and I use those. Again, worth the expense and time for pulling out the white cardstock and trimming it to just the right side. At this stage, a few extra dollars to make it a little easier for me is worth it.

    Does that help? I don’t mind answering questions on scrapbooking at all, not that I am any kind of huge expert. I just love it. : )

  4. What a great gift from your dad -- bet that was fun to spend! :) I'm really enjoying doing the Project Life binder (though I must admit that I'm behind a couple weeks at the moment...oops!). It's the closest I've come to scrapbooking our lives and I think I'll loving having it to commemorate this year.


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